Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic I Paid Someone $5 on Fiverr for Traffic, Here’s What Happened!

I Paid Someone $5 on Fiverr for Traffic, Here’s What Happened!

What’s gonna guys channels here welcome back to another video. So today we’re gonna talk about 5:00 or traffic. Now I get a lot of questions about 5:00 or traffic inside adversity community. So I wanted to make this video to talk about a couple of important points and show you a couple of important things: the things about 5:00 or traffic, and we’re gonna run a really cool test.

To show you exactly what to expect and stuff that you’re gonna know about these types of traffic really all right. So I’m, not gonna waste. Any time here let’s. Go to my computer. Let me show you exactly what we’re gonna do and how we’re gonna.

Do it alright guys? So let’s, look for a seller here and that’s just true. So now I’m, not gonna spend too much money here, because I know what to expect really. I know what kind of traffic you’re gonna get.

Unless you spend, you know a ton of money, you might get a decent service, but otherwise you know when it comes to traffic and everything you. I know what kind of results we can expect. So let’s. Put social traffic already have it here and let’s see so we get again.

You can find a lot of different things from like five bucks to like a kind of a higher tier like 600, both actually that’s. All in the traffic, but twenty thirty bucks, all that stuff. So let’s find something search, engine traffic.

So obviously you know again. These are the stuff that you want to kind of stay away. I mean general. You want to stay away from Fiverr that’s, just my opinion, but let’s, see five K. keep a little traffic.

Okay! Let’s! Choose this. I don’t want to waste too much time here. Five thousand-plus keyword traffic. I’m, not even sure. How does that work, but yeah five bucks, steel right, let’s, take a look at it! So let’s, see what they’re telling you now.

The thing is: when you , they tell you where this traffic is coming from and in general you want to kind of ignore that, because that really doesn’t matter, usually there’s a chance there. It’s.

Gon na be both traffic, it will be, but we will kind of see the whole thing when we get the data all right, that’s, really important tracking GA okay. So this is another thing that they say: tracking analytics: that’s like a red flag to me, because I know they’re, going to kind of play that but yeah well.

We’ll test this out, okay, so this is the B seller that we’re gonna choose now. The next step is the landing page itself. So let’s. Talk about that, alright, guys! So now that we know who we’re gonna buy the traffic from it’s time to choose the page and everything else all right now.

For this I get something really cool, because I, as I said the whole point of this video is for me to do a test and show it to you guys. So I got a couple really cool tests for this one now, for this page particular page that we’re gonna send traffic to it’s.

A really interesting page has videos. It has images and look a lot of engagement points and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have hot jar installed on it now in case, if you don’t watch our I’m gonna actually show it to you, but I’m.

Hot jar is a service that allows you to see the heat map of the page. So you see exactly where people are engaging on that particular page like what they’re engaging with. Is it a button? Is it it many or is it a video whatever it is, so you can see the engagements in real time, because these guys, you know they tell you to check out Analytics, which is you know, of course, that’s, gonna catch data, But it doesn’t mean it’s actual real.

You know human data right. So what we’re gonna do. Is we’re gonna look at hot jar as well? So we’re gonna install that, and also you know, a link, shortener service to kind of filter out, but service bought, clicks and everything.

So we’re gonna. Do that, so let’s. Go over there then. Actually show you what we’re gonna do and how we’re gonna you know instead of this page, so we can get a good amount of data from this particular traffic.

So let’s, get the page ready and just discontinued quickly, alright. So this is the page and as you see you know, we got, we got a nice headline, we got a nice video, you got a button to click and the pictures and everything.

So this is a page of you know, versity or flea, like I’m selling, an affiliate product on diversity and yes, I’m actually in a fleet of my own company but yeah. So you know this is a page and there’s, nothing complicated.

Just like I imported it, and I did it. You know before recording this like we first started to record this because I just didn’t want to take too much of your time. So let’s just reload this page, real quick, so that should load this up pretty nice there.

You go so that’s. Our page now we’re gonna track, a couple of things all right number one. We’re gonna track. Your game page interactions that’s really important, and I mentioned that and to do that the page interactions interactions we’re gonna, do it with hot char.

All right now I’ve, already installed the code on the website. All you got to do just create a heat map, basically all right. So I’m. Just gonna click create hit map heat map and let’s say I’m gonna call this page okay and let’s just do the basic.

This is a free account. A dummy account just literally created this thing: okay, and we’re. Just gonna do a specific page, and that will be this page. Okay, exact match there you go and that’s. It create all right.

So now we’re gonna be able to see exactly what’s happening on this page. All right so see a drive traffic. We’re gonna be able to see exactly how is the traffic traffic reaction now? Another thing you want to create is recording as well, so that’s, where you see the live visitors like how they’re, actually reacting to that page.

It’s, a really cool thing. So let’s. Go ahead and do that visit a specific page same thing: we’re just going to use this specific page. All right, simple match is fine record, so only clicks on scroll sessions thirty-plus that’s.

Alright, we’ll, see because I wanted to record everything so there there you go so now. We’re gonna both record clicks heat maps, basically and also recording alright, so that’s, the human element of it.

We’re, just gonna track that all right so last part is basically just creating a short link. I’m just going to do it with clickmeter. You can do whatever you want and there you go done so now we’re. Just gonna buy this and send this link to them.

Alright, so let’s, go ahead and do that real quick. So I’m. Just gonna click continue and I’m gonna hide this stuff. There you go so now we just got this and what we’re gonna do is just send them to URL right yep, so website link.

So let’s, go ahead and start order. There you go so now what we’re gonna do. Is we’re just gonna wait and see what happens alright guys, so it’s been a while. So let’s, go ahead and check the data. We’re gonna check the hot job.

We’re gonna check the you know, pixel data, and we’re gonna check. Also everything they’ve sent us. You know I’m, assuming they’ve sent us something. So let’s, go ahead and check everything out and see if this is a good traffic, bad traffic or decent traffic or really anything alright.

So let’s, go ahead and check everything out. It’s been a couple of days since we ordered that traffic from Fiverr. Now they are not done sending the traffic. As far as I’m concerned, because I didn’t actually get any minders or any emails from Fiverr that they’re done because they usually send you an email when they ‘

Re done. So it seems like they’re, not done yet, but I just saw this this morning and I was like ok, this is obvious versus going now. This is the point I was trying to make. You know the traffic that comes from Fiverr.

It’s, not good. It’s, just bad, but traffic. Ok and like you should obviously see this. I mean I’m sure you knew this already, but I wan na show you the signs, because I want you to see it for yourself, because the thing is they tell you: hey, go and check it on Google Analytics right now.

What they tell you is that check it there, because that’s, something they can fake. You know like they can just trick it and if you check it on Google Analytics you’re gonna, be like oh wow. There’s, so much traffic or bla bla bla, but when you actually have a software like this, and you know again, I’m using the trial account here, because I just want to make an account for this.

Specifically, you can actually do the same thing if you want to track this stuff, but you know I’m using it. This is software that allows you to see everything in detail and then there’s, fake traffic.

You can definitely see it and in fact we’re using the API of this software on on one of our companies actually to detect fake fake traffic, but yeah. So you know there are a lot of signs that I want to share with you.

The first one is the fact that if you take a look at, we see a thousand heat maps, and this number is really specific like I was actually waiting for this number to change like I was waiting for it to become like a thousand ten or a Thousand twenty or something like that, you know it’s, just more of a random number, because you know a thousand it’s like exactly a thousand that that seems fishy.

You know that’s, that that doesn’t seem right. It’s like you know it’s, it feels like they just added a number. This is just okay. Okay, I’m gonna send a thousand people and then they just like send a thousand but users you’re like users, or something like that so yeah.

This is fishy. Now, when I now things get more interesting when I click on them all right, so let’s. Click on this! Let’s. Take a look! So you, if you want to take a look at the heat map, so what you do is just click view heat map, and this is supposed to show you heat maps.

Okay. So but when you do it says no data has been clicked recorded from the visitors using desktop, see guys it’s. Really it doesn’t, show anything like when I click on move. So this is supposed to show like colors here.

Basically, like it’s, just it’s supposed to show hot cold like colors and everything and it doesn’t, show you anything. It’s like basically fake traffic, so yeah. This is what I mean by you know these traffic states and it’s.

Not it’s, really not the best. Alright. Another thing that is a good indicator that this is bad traffic, is the next one which is visitor recording. So if you got a thousand people landing on that page, we need to have visitor recording, so a Vista recording is basically.

This is going to record the activity on that page, meaning that it’s, going to record what people did like they were. They Mouse the pointer, smooth all that stuff, how they, you know, scold or everything it’s.

Gon na show everything and this doesn’t show anything. So this means that this thousand people who supposedly landed on this page are basically not real users. Alright, so, as you can see five or traffic, not the best traffic you can buy, you know it’s.

Iffy there’s really complications, and I do not recommend it personally now. The thing is now: this doesn’t mean everything that you’re gonna get on Fiverr is bad, but if you want to , my opinion – and my advice is that if you really want to , you just need To go to the source – and that is you know: Google ads YouTube ads, Facebook, Ads Bing ads any PPC ad and any legit advertising platform.

You know I don’t recommend buying traffic from these types of websites and services, because mainly these are not real traffic. They’re, just bought traffic, and you know BOTS are getting more clever and clever every day, but you know you just want to be careful with this stuff.

All right and don’t base your money on it. Basically, so thank you. So much watching this video guys. I hope this was helpful. You know leave a comment if you have any questions, if you want me to talk about anything specific in the next videos and if you want to watch more videos, some videos are gonna pop up right about here and you know subscribe.

If you’re, not a subscriber, I’m posting videos every single day. So if you want to learn more cool stuff, see more experiments like this definitely subscribe. If you’re, not a subscriber and also if you want to learn more or should definitely check out the link in the description that’s, gonna take you to adversity where you can learn more about this stuff.

We do a lot of cool experiments in there and there’s. A lot of cool information that you know I’ll, also assist them for you to start your online , because the thing is, if you’re trying to build a , you need to have a system.

You need to have a coach and everything in that substance, something you get inside adversity, alright, guys check it out. Thank you so much watching this video, I’ll, see you in the next one.

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