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Increase Redbubble Traffic In 2021


Hey: what’s up guys, it’s cory here with dapper dollars and today we’re going to talk about how to increase your redbubble traffic in 2021. You ready, let’s get started, so this channel is all about using print-on-demand platforms like , etsy, merch, and things like that to build passive income through online sources like these, so that we can invest in things like the stock market, real estate and other tools like that.


To grow our wealth overall and provide financial freedom for ourselves and our families in the future. If that sounds like something you’re interested in like and subscribe and let’s get started so, let’s talk about why or how we can increase uh red bubble traffic in 2021. First, we need to understand where the shopping process starts, for people who are online because, if you’re selling on you’re online – and that means that people aren’t going to find you through any other rate of the any other way than the internet.


So the number one place that people start shopping online is amazon. Number two is three are social medias like instagram, facebook, and stuff like that? So this is the main way that people are going to find anything online number one they’re gonna go to amazon, maybe type in throw pillows with palm leaves or something number two they’ll go to if they don’t find what they want and put in throw Pillows with palm leaves number three they’re generally, not looking for anything on social media people don’t go to social media to shop. They might just you know, because facebook does such a great job of invading our privacy. If you say something about throw pillows with palm leaves on them with anyone next to your phone, for some reason that shows up in your facebook, feed or instagram feed, or things like that.


So that’s one way that we could uh start a shopping process online. So let’s talk about how and which ones are the best way to go about increasing and driving traffic to your store number one amazon. You are not going to beat amazon so get that out of your mind, do not do anything related to amazon. Don’T take out ads or anything specific like that number two is going to be . This is a great option and number three like we said, are the social media.


So, let’s see if you wanted to go after social media, because that is a large crowd of people that is going to take a little bit more work. Because if you want to do anything with facebook or instagram you’re going to have to build a following or have an established following that, you can push push people to your redbubble store. But if you had these mediums, you would likely already be using them and you wouldn’t need to watch this video. So if you wanted to start a instagram or facebook page and build a following, that’s going to take stuff like ads a lot of content. A lot of time and you’re going to need to know what you’re doing and likely most of us don’t know how to do that.


Just starting from the ground up and it’s going to take a lot more time to learn. Then it might be worth investing and we would just miss the opportu, not miss the opportunity, but it would just take longer than we would like and granted. You would have a you know: a source of people like an audience of people. You could push to anything that you wanted likely that’s, not something that most of us are willing to do so that leaves us with , because we mentioned that is another option for social media and social media, and things like that. But unfortunately, is slowly dying and you know i’ll put a google trends graph up here to show that pinterest traffic or people who are going to pinterest overall has continued to decline and if you’ve been on pinterest lately uh in the last five years.


It’S been quite a dramatic shift as far as its heyday about five years ago, and then now it’s kind of just on the way out, and people aren’t really too interested in pinterest pinterest actually used to be used to be the third largest search engine. You know next to uh, google and youtube. Pinterest was actually up there on the list of search engines that people use to find stuff. But i mean it’s just been slowly dying, so people don’t really go to pinterest that much to look for stuff and if you’ve been on pictures of pinterest. Lately, like i said, it’s a little sad to see the state of pinterest, because it’s just been mostly commercialized and local people or people who are not organizations like macy’s or target, or things like that, can’t really get noticed that much so pinterest is much more difficult Than it used to be so you likely don’t want to go that way.


That leaves our good old pal google, and this is a great option to have, because guess what google is the largest search engine on the internet? What google does is takes everything on the internet that is allowed to be found by google and organizes everything based on keyword, searches that people do so. This is going to likely be your best free way to increase your traffic to your redbubble store in 2021, because you will be able to find things using either paid tools or a free way of going about finding which things people are searching for number one. I love a paid tool called ahrefs. This really is a invaluable piece of software for me and it is 99 a month.


I did a video on that i’ll link it here. It’S worth every penny to me. I usually just use it in batches. Like i talk about in the video, but it is a little bit pricey, like i said 99 a month. It is not exactly a cheap tool of like the 10 a month or 12 a month level, but it is insanely helpful for all of the information that it provides.


So ahrefs is a great way to get into uh. You know find out how many times people are searching for a specific keyword. What specific keywords are out there, the different types of keywords that are tied to that keyword. So let’s say you’re typing in one thing i did recently was, you know tree throw pillows, and then you click on that keyword within a ahrefs, and it shows you different variations of what people are searching for that involve tree, throw pillows. So you might have banana leaf tree, throw pillows palm tree leaf, throw pillows, elm leaf tree or elm tree leaf, throw pillows or things like that.


So it tells you a little bit more of a drill down of that specific keyword and it’s different variations that people are searching for, so ahrefs is pricey, but it’s an incredibly valuable tool because it gives you competition, like i said it gives you more of a Way to create seed keyword, ideas, keywords being you know, you start with tree, throw pillow, and then you broaden out to all the different variations of tree, throw pillow. So ahrefs is a great way to go about finding out what people are searching on. Google for and you get to know if it’s actually going to be profitable because you’ll be able to see if people how many people are searching for it. That’S a great piece of information to have if you’re looking to not waste your time, creating products that nobody’s actually looking for the other way you can do. It is going to google itself typing in the search bar and seeing what comes up so.


What i like to do, whenever i didn’t use ahrefs or whenever i feel like i just need to get out of ahrefs and kind of go on my own and see what i can find. I will go to the google search bar. I will put in the product that i’m looking for and notice. I keep saying throw pillows and i haven’t said anything else, but throw pillows and duvet covers are likely what i’m going after in 2021 i’ll be making a video on that later. But so i usually go to google and i will put in throw pillows at the in the search bar and then before, throw pillows throw pillows.


I will put something like leaves. I will put like all the random words that i can think of and then see what comes up and then i’ll click on what comes up and uh the search results in google in the shopping section that has to do with redbubble and then i’ll search that On redbubble as well and see where what the competition looks like on redbubble. So if i see christmas tree throw pillows on google and then i go to redbubble and look up christmas tree, throw pillows and see that there’s like 50 000 different versions of it. I’M probably not going to go after that. But if i go on google and look up like australian shepherd, dog pillow throw pillow.


And then i look at that on redbubble and there’s like 10 designs. But there’s like a bunch of them that are showing up in google. That’S a good sign that if i create it on redbubble redbubble pushes all their stuff to google, so it will likely show up in the google search results and drive traffic to my redbubble store. I hope that this makes sense. This is a little bit out there and you can look at my past videos that i’ve done on why?


I think google is the number one reason to grow your search or grow your traffic on red anyway. That is the number one resource that i would use to increase your traffic to your redbubble store in 2021 is using google either use a paid tool like ahrefs to go in and actually drill down to find out the real information of a keyword or go to Google and randomly type in the information or the types of throw pillows that are out there and one thing you need to know if there is an auto suggest so like if you type in throw pillows and, like i said at the beginning, you put in leaf, Throw pillow, and then you see a bunch of uh, suggested, search results under that that say, like banana leaf, throw a pillow a palm leaf, throw pillow autumn leaf throw pillow. These are all google is showing you this, because this is stuff that other people have searched for. So you know that there is search volume out there for these designs and these these uh different types of throw pillows. However, you don’t have a tool like ahrefs to let you know the exact amount or not an exact amount, but the assumed amount of search traffic so anywhere between 150 searches a month or 200 searches a month or zero to ten searches a month.


So ahrefs can help out there, but if you don’t have the money for ahrefs yet then just go with google because, like we’ve said before, google is the second way that most people start all of their online shopping. So if you can design for google, then you will be successful on redbubble, because redbubble has that partnership with google and it is a huge symbiotic relationship that benefits the people who design for redbubble so design for google design or put all of your keywords for google. So that you will show up in google search results and that will benefit your redbubble store to increase your traffic. So anything whenever you find those keywords on google make sure that you get those exact keywords and put them in the title of your redbubble store or redbubble product, because that is exactly how google does stuff. They look at the keywords and then they act.


They put the design or products that best fit the keywords that people are looking for in an exact match way so make sure if you’re, actually, if you’re putting stuff on google from redbubble that you’re, using the exact phrase that you get from google. So if google shows you know palm leaf tree or yeah palm tree leaf, throw pillow then and that’s what people are searching for, that you found on google, do not put fun tropical leaf as leaf pillow as your red bubbles redbubble product. You want to be the exact match that google has showing up in the search results, if that makes any sense, if you have any questions, link or put them down in the comments below like and subscribe, and just let me know if you need anything else guys If you have any requests for any videos or any clarity on anything that we’ve talked about today, leave the comments below i love talking to you guys and getting to know each of you. I love talking stocks with people or you know: redbubble products like this or merch by amazon, so hope you’re having a great year so far hope you’re having a great day and just remember someone’s going to do something amazing every day, guys. Why not?



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