Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Increase Traffic To Ecommerce Site: My $23,433 Blueprint To 5x ROI With Simple Ads

Increase Traffic To Ecommerce Site: My $23,433 Blueprint To 5x ROI With Simple Ads

Increased traffic to your e-commerce site now I know that’s something you’re struggling with because you’re watching this video right now and it frankly it’s something that we struggle with on a day-to-day basis as well and always will. But today, I’m going to show you a trick. A tactic, a tip, a thing that we do that gets instant targeted traffic to our offer. Now before we continue. I just want to let you know that my goal with this channel is to produce weekly videos that provide valuable information to help.

You succeed online, whether you’re, trying or e-commerce or what-have-you so just be sure and subscribe to the channel so that you’re notified every time I put out a new video also before we continue real quick. I just want to say happy Memorial Day today is May 27th Monday and really Memorial Day is all about honoring our fallen veterans. So I just want to give a shout out and say: happy Memorial Day now. Let me jump over to my other browser, and in here is a system that we use. It’S called buy, sell ads so today we’re talking about putting together some ads, very targeted ads on targeted websites that are very specific and relative to what your product or offer is, and, quite frankly, it couldn’t be easier to use.

If you come over here is just buy, sell, ads, calm you come over here, you’re gon na have to create a an account with them, but it’s free and easy to create an account and then jump over to the marketplace and in the marketplace they have all Kinds of different categories and specific websites that you can run ads on and measure the results of your ads. So I did a search a little while ago is putting together an offer for a product on a survival that we have our. So I’m just going to do a search for survival and these different kinds of websites or these websites will come up and you can see if I go to on target magazine. They have three hundred and sixty-five thousand monthly impressions on their , and it will start to give you a list of the available spots on their , so the top-center banner ads this unit is currently sold out. We could and ourselves to the waiting list on this and you can see.

Obviously this is a gun tactical firearm website. So if I had an offer for something like this, I could certainly very easily put it on here and what’s really nice about. This is a lot of these types of offers, for this topic is restricted on Facebook and Google and a lot of the ad networks. They will restrict or forbid this type of ad. So you know if you have something that you need to get in front of some eyeballs in front of people that is kind of against the terms and services of these networks like Facebook and Google.

You can always come and directly place ads on these websites and buy, sell ads makes it extremely easy to do now. I wanted to show you something I went into this. The prepper Journal. It’S one of these search results. Here’S the prepper eternal.

It gets twenty. Seven thousand monthly impressions and I wanted to show you a little something that caught my eye, and hopefully you can use this to your advantage. But I went on here and I saw that they have. Let’S say I know that this is currently on the waiting list, but for the 300 by 250 middle right banner ad, it’s the medium square space, that’s usually in the right-hand column. So I clicked on over to their website and I’m looking at.

I just went into one of their articles and you can see right here. Here’S a couple of the ads that come up here in this 3v gear and it looks like a pretty cool backpack. It certainly speaks to the audience for the prepper Journal. So I clicked right over to this. I clicked on this, and it is a direct link over to Amazon so right away.

Can anybody tell me in the comments below what’s wrong with this well they’re, actively running ads and paying for me to click on this ad and their product is currently unavailable? I can’t even buy this product, so that’s a huge red X. Please please, please. If you’re going to run ads, make sure that your mechanism, your inventory levels, are adequate to actually make , there’s nothing worse than spending money on running ads and it working only to have it dead, ended by a payment processor that doesn’t work or being Out of stock or something along these lines now also here’s another thing that I see wrong with this, and it’s a shame, because this looks like a pretty awesome backpack. It looks like something that that I would do on this particular product.

Is these little patches? You see these little uh velcro patches that come up on here this American flag and this other patch. What what I would do, I would not run a direct link straight over to Amazon and I’ve talked about this, especially in some of our or my videos that I put together. What I would do is if I got somebody that was interested enough in clicking on this ad, because they were interested in it. I would run them over to a landing page and on the landing page.

Obviously I would have a picture of my backpack. I would have a lot of the things so that the people knew that they were in the right place, but what I would say is once you purchase this backpack on Amazon email, us your forward, us your order or you know, give us your order number or Something along those lines and we’ll give you a free patch with your backpack and I would probably have seven or eight or nine different patches that were available. Maybe one insignia for each of the armed force, divisions. Also, you know the American flag and a few other ones so that it would incentivize people to then carry on, especially if they, if they knew they were getting something for free. So the free patch, which I would probably already a giveaway with or sell with the product – I would just remove it from this listing and offer it for them.

So I would just try to capture somebody’s email address their first name and their email address. So what am i doing? I’M growing and building an email list of people that are interested in products survival-type products. That’S one number, two! On the back side of that Facebook page, I’m dropping a Facebook, I’m sorry not the back side, the Facebook page on the back side of that landing page, I’m dropping my facebook pixel and any other pixel that I want to.

Maybe my Google Ads pixel for a campaign so that I can then retarget these people you’re not doing it. These people are not doing that if they’re driving a direct link straight over to Amazon, because Amazon obviously doesn’t allow for you to do that. So I’m collecting all kinds of information on my user and our potential buyer and I’m building my list, I’m building something of more value that I can then send email out to these people for new future offers that isn’t going to cost me any money. So anyways. That’S just a little tip a couple of pro tips.

If you will on this also, let me jump into creating an ad real quick for a system like this. If you look right here, it says 300 by 250 middle right, that’s this space! So let’s say we wanted to create this particular ad or an ad that is relative to your offer. I use canva, I use canva for creating some of my thumbnails on YouTube. At least I used to, I use a different program now that allows me to do some things easier on my desktop, but what you can do is just come up here.

Cam is free, so that’s always cool, create a design, you’ll just scroll down scroll down here to ads, and sometimes they have the size – here’s 300 by 250. You can click on that. If not, you can just type in a custom size 300 by 250, but this is the size that we need get rid of that. Let me come over here to uploads and I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures, so I’m gon na drag this into here. Here’S just a background, I’m just trying to kind of create something that looked like that, one that was on that one ad and then here’s a backpack.

So let’s say I wanted to sell this backpack coming down here was a logo. Here’S if this is our logo of our store, if we sold adventures in Econ that kind of looks, we should sell backpacks on that website and then I could come over here to text and add a heading. I could I’m not gon na do anything, but I will make this smaller and you can kind of start to see that this starting to look like this ad is very, very easy to do to create your own ad for free and now you have a deliverable That, when you sign up with by cell ads that you can upload to these publishers and get this thing off and running now, one last thing like that: bat: that image of the mountain that I got, I got it from this pixels pixels, yes, pixels, it’s a Site that I have bookmarked amongst several others, that I get free stock photos and videos from so you can see if this pyramid or something like this was something that I wanted to do. I could just download it for free and they allow you to use it for free, so anyways, that’s where I go to get some of my free stock imagery canva build a build. An ad for me, buy, sell ads is how we run targeted traffic to our offers.

I use this not only for e-commerce, but also use it for a lot of affiliate offers that we run. So you know it’s just one of those little tips and tricks that that I use that I wanted to bring to you and share with you today. If you found that you got some good value out of this video, then please give me a like, so that more people will get an opportunity to see it and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so that you’ll be notified of future updates. When I put out a new video, lastly, be sure and download, I have a free ebook on how I launched knockout products on Amazon. It’S a PDF, it’s a link in the description.

The first link in the description just give me your name and email and I’ll, send you my 30 page free ebook on launch knockout products on Amazon. As always, I will see you on the next video be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified of future videos and don’t forget to like this video now watch that video next go ahead. Watch that video video video

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