Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Shop – How to grow on Etsy

Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Shop – How to grow on Etsy

Hey Bestie. Yesterday we talked about Renae’s Secret Weapon here. Today I want to show you how to integrate WITH your new secret weapon. I also want to discuss where to place your secret weapon bait.

And if you have no idea what I just said, this is video 6 in a free training series. Go back and watch those to get up to speed first. Links in the description. If you have everything on this chart set up, Your growth and becomes the easy part of business.

Ugh. is the hardest thing ever! Listen, if is your weak point, I can guarantee you that it’s NOT really your weak point. huh? If you think is your problem, then really, it’s not.

what the … Let me explain. My dad went fishing all the time. He loved going to different lakes all around Utah. I learned one of my very best traffic from his fishing. He would arrive at the lake, Find a fellow fisherman who knew the fish in the lake well, And my dad would ask, What’s working for bait? What’s.

Working. For. Bait. I was shocked at the different answers. ‘The fish in this lake like marshmallows’ ‘The fish in this lake really seem to like lures’ ‘The fish in this lake take to the worms’ Traffic for business is the same thing.

You need to place the right bait, in the right lake. Because really, let’s be real. People are biting. This past holiday season, the lady checking us out at Target, said she’d never seen a storm of sales like this since before 9/11 happened.

And … because I don’t just listen to the Target lady for my stats, I went home and looked at the most recent study of holiday retail sales. And this is what the chart looks like. 2019 hit an all time record of sales during the holiday season.

You guys, We spent 135 billion dollars when 3 years ago we hadn’t even hit 100 billion. That’s a 35 BILLION DOLLAR DIFFERENCE The fish are biting. The traffic is there. All you have to do? Find the lake that likes your bait, and then post your secret weapon that we discussed yesterday.

Yesterday’s video link in the description. Think about who you’re making your products for? Where do they hang out? The more you can get to know your customer audience, the easier it is to make bait that they’ll grab up in a heart beat.

Fun fact, customer audience can also be called your target market. At this point, this is usually when I get a lot of comments like … How do we know what lake to fish in? Or, how do we know where our audience hangs out? This is part lurking and part research.

Or as I like to call it … Lurkearch. gives weird look. The one thing that Tom Cote taught me about parenting is … You don’t really know your kids unless you actually spend time with them. Part of me always just thought they were little mini clones that liked what I liked as a kid.

Tom Cote taught me differently. I would watch him sit with them and ask them questions. You guys, the STUFF THAT CAME OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS. I was all, I don’t know my kids at all! I would buy them Christmas presents each year based on their age and what I liked at that age.

Then, when Tom Cote came into the picture, he asked THEM what THEY wanted. I actually thought they would like my ideas better than their own. But this year was one of the first where they truly picked what they wanted.

The differences between Christmases was astounding. This year … every present was opened and then followed by a gasp. I never heard gasps before! Tom and I would never know these things if we hadn’t actually spent time with the kids and asked them questions.

So part of Lurkearch, is lurking. You must lurk and then you must ask in those lakes. Lurk for a while first so you can get to know the platform itself, like if you’re in a Facebook group or a platform like and you’re doing searches and reading the comments on pins and things.

I just joined this excercise facebook group a few weeks ago. And without realizing it, As I got to know them, I started thinking, If I created a THIS, they would all buy it so fast. That’s how much you have to lurk.

But! How do you know WHERE to lurk right? Are you thinking that right now? Which lake do you start with to lurk at and ask questions? Right? Give this video a thumbs up if you’re thinking this right now.

Well, let’s start with Etsy. The customer’s on Etsy do searches for what they want. If you learn Etsy SEO Or search engine optimization, You can see what bait the fish are taking. And if you post your discount bait in your Etsy shop, Like, If you add your secret weapon to your announcements, listings and even in your photos, Then it’s the perfect storm that takes Etsy shoppers, Turns them into buyers with the discount, But then you can get them to be repeat customers OFF of Etsy some day.

If you don’t have a website, you can send emails later bringing them back to your Etsy shop. But some day, when you have a website, You can email your customers, hey! New products! And route them to your website where there’s no competition, no distractions, and a controlled customer experience.

I want to go into some research tomorrow. That’s the second part of our lurkearch is the research. In fact, we might spend a few days on this. Then you’ll at least have a starting off point for some of those other .

From today’s video you now know how to combine your secret weapon with Etsy, But we need additional so everything isn’t just in Etsy’s basket. Yes? So we’ll start tomorrow, With my daughter’s homework.

My daughter is taking a marketing class in high school. And her teacher showed them research on different generations and their preferred bait. Aaaaand I thought, cool! We can all cheat and read the research my daughter’s marketing teacher so lovingly prepared.

Then we’ll move onto different platforms and who hangs out where and all that. But first, post below. Tell me who you think is your target audience right now. Guess if you need to. How old is your audience? What do they do? What kind of stores would you find them in if they were at the mall? Or would they be at a craft fair instead of a mall? Do they have family? Do they work? Answer those questions below as your homework today.

Let’s see how in depth you can get. Write it like it’s a personals ad. My audience likes long walks on the beach. This ends our Etsy Bail Out Series. Next, we’re starting a Marketing Research type series I still have to figure out a cool name for it.


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