Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Increase Website Traffic FAST With This New Social Media Network

Increase Website Traffic FAST With This New Social Media Network


Check out this social media network, that’s specifically designed to help you drive to your website for free. They claim that their mission is to help content creators just like you to grow a stronger brand, and they will also help you to earn money from your content. The same way that you can with youtube tiktok and instagram, but because this is still in beta testing, it hasn’t received widespread exposure. Yet so that means you have a golden opportunity here to establish yourself as a leading expert and a prominent figure within your niche. That is until everyone else discovers it, but i mean imagine if you could go back in time and do the same thing with facebook.

Just imagine how much you would have at your fingertips right now and of course we don’t know how popular this social media network will become, but we do know that they are projected to get over 100 000 visitors a month within the next 12 months. So let’s go to the computer and i’ll show you use it, but do stay until the end, because i don’t want you to miss out this. Is the website i’ll give you the full url in a couple of minutes, because it is a little bit strange, and that is because this is still in beta testing, so this is the profile. This is my profile now, interestingly, this website shut down uh for about three months. I think so i went offline, but it’s back so these kind of things tend to happen during beta testing.

So let me show you use it. So, first of all, we have this connect section, and this is where we can follow people, so you can in effect, use this for lead gen 2, because you can reach out to these people and we can build a small network. So there’s a few things going on here discussions. This area might be right for you, but if we have a look here at the number of views, we can see that the discussions here aren’t getting a lot of traction at the moment that will probably change as the platform grows. But if you want, if you want to start a new discussion, click click new topic put in a strong title.

Put in your content. There add your links, choose the category for that discussion. Now. I think the main point of interest to you is going to be here under explore, so it’s a little bit hidden, but this, in my opinion, is the most powerful aspect of this platform. Of course you can publish to your pla to your profile and your dashboard.

If you want to, but here we have different topics listed under blogs, so recreation , sports society, personal health, family and home entertainment, there’s probably more there as well. So let’s choose one of these that might be relevant to your niche. Let’S go with health, and now we can see that people are posting content effectively links to their website under this topic, so this one was posted 12 days ago, the one underneath 12 days ago. So someone is having a good time here. They’Re posting lots of their content good for them, but you can join in.

You can publish your content here as well and okay. It doesn’t really give you that much data to work with at the moment. We can see that there’s only 38 posts here with 79 followers, but imagine if you get your content featured here, how much potential you’re going to be able to drive to your website for free and because the level of competition is incredibly low. Any content that you get featured here well, that’s going to get maximum exposure here because all eyes are on you, so you can see that the community here is going to be underserved. That gives you an amazing, an amazing opportunity.

So i’m going to hit subscribe to this, so anyone else who has subscribed to this will receive those updates. So how do you get your content published on this section? Well here, on the left hand, side we’ve got a small navigation bar or column. We have channels blogs if you click on blogs. You now have the opportunity to write a click on that give it a strong title.

You will probably do better if you upload a banner, i’m not sure if that’s mandatory, yet let’s find out in a second. So, let’s give it a strong title, so digital marketing, let’s go with uh digital marketing tips for content, cree, haters and entrepreneurs. Actually, let’s correct the title: a little digital marketing tips, uh, maybe five digital marketing tips; and now here you would put in your content here. So list your best tips here. Add your links as well and now choose your category, so i might go for business important bit here.

We have this padlock symbol, so click on that, because then you will be able to choose if it’s public or if it’s just your followers or just you, so that just that determines who sees this piece of content. Obviously, you want maximum exposure, so you click click, public and listen. This is going to get indexed by as well. Anything you publish on here can be indexed, so that means there is an benefit to publishing as well. Now, once you’ve decided on your category and your visibility, you can publish or save as draft.

I don’t want to go, live with this just yet, because it’s only a demo for you. So i’m going to click save as draft, and now it would be live and go out to all those people subscribed to that category and ultimately driving traffic to your website. Now the url of this website is a little bit strange, but it’s called bowler dot. S e unite dot com. Now, if you are serious about growing a popular and profitable website, you’re going to need more traffic, so you can get the traffic methods that i never share on youtube or anywhere else.

You can get them completely for free when you go to traffic and if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel to hit that little notification bell. So you never miss an update from me and i will hopefully see you again in a couple of days. Time take care.

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