Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Instagram Marketing – How To Perform Hashtag Research To Increase Traffic

Instagram Marketing – How To Perform Hashtag Research To Increase Traffic

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Hey everyone how’s, it going you’ve made it to the second part of the training you’re almost there, but no we’re gon na hop into the hashtag research section where I’m going to teach you do smart and effective hashtag research to become more discoverable on Instagram, Which is great because this is . When you use hashtags, you don’t want to be doing things like gym motivation, success, entrepreneurship because there’s hundreds and millions of people using those hashtags. You want to use niche specific hashtags, let’s hop into body building, for example, you don’t want to do gym motivation. You want to do ketogenic diet, burpees, jumping jack arm, you know drop sets. Those are something that’s very, very, very specific to that niche, and you want to be using hashtags that have a size around 250 by bad 25,000, 15 to 25,000.


That’S super super niche, specific and all the way up to a hundred to two hundred and fifty thousand. It’S all about experiments, experimenting and seeing what works as you use, different hashtags in your posts, you could either do it in your caption or you could do it. As the first comment, I’m still experimenting and finding out what works, I would recommend changing it up. Every other post every three posts and seeing how much gets generated to your page because of these hashtags, because there are people out there who are using these hashtags to discover pages that are related to their search term. So first we’re gon na jump right into Instagram and since we’re using this men’s example, the men’s bracelet, the women’s bracelet, I’m gon na type out men’s bracelet and on our spreadsheet that I’ve created.


You know we want to keep note of this. You know men’s bracelet and it has a size of two hundred and fifty nine thousand five hundred and twenty three. So that’s how many pictures out there on Instagram right now or using that specific hashtag and men’s bracelets men’s bracelets. That has a size of 113 thousand and two to two. I don’t have to get exact, I’m just gon na round these up, but now is if we do something now, let’s say we start something like jewelry: okay, how many hashtags 40 million hashtags a lot of hashtags way too many hashtags to go through in my opinion, So I’m not gon na go through that.


So, let’s scroll down the page I wan na make sure this is recording. Okay, jewelry shop, jewelry set Julie, read porn. I like jewelry point. I think everybody likes jewelry porn 240,000, I’m just gon na. Do it like this?


Just so, it’s easier just a lot wrong. No, I didn’t you know every porn, okay, cool, um, jewelry of the day. You know it’s a little larger, more niche specific. You know I’m doing tiger’s eye stones right. This is super niche, Pacific Tigers, Tigers, Eye tiger eye tiger eye.


You know 165 thousand people and, as you can see here, are tiger eye. Bracelets jewelry. You know it’s not as an issue Pacific, but it is a lot of tiger eye types of things and you know that has 165 K, so I’m gon na put that in my spreadsheet you know something along the lines of lava stone. Lava stone is super niche specific and, as you type of lava stone, allowing us to embrace a lava stone, beads a lava, stone jewelry, you know you could test out I’m using these hashtags in your captions and as your first comment, however, I’d recommend using larger ones. These are extremely powerful if you’re using you know the Instagram service we provide because we go in there and you know automate the process by targeting every single person who’s used this hashtag, and this is how you could organically grow your page, which I’ll go into later.


On in the training, where you know you’ll go in here and go like this picture like this picture, like this picture, go, follow these accounts and you could put you know four or five six hours a day into it, and this is how you could organically grow. Your account, but what we’re gon na go now, is we’re gon na hop on to two websites that I use for hashtag research as well: research for jewelry, okay, the first one is Webster dot me and you’re gon na go to tax, and if you type in Something like jewelry Jewellery: it’s gon na bring up relevant hashtags, so you don’t have to go through Instagram and do more research, okay, jewelry designer jewelry box and jewelry blogger. You know that’s a good hash tag and that’s jewelry, blogger and think that was two hundred and thirty thousand people great. What about you? No bracelet, nothing for bracelet!


You know men’s fashion, things out men’s fashion. It’S a hashtag seed is no spaces in hashtag, men’s fashion, men’s fashion, review, men’s fashions, men’s fashion. You know it has some great sessions 260k and what you’re gon na want to do is in your captions and in your posts in your captions or in the first comment. You’Re allowed to use up to 30 hashtags. You use them.


They’Ll help you out and what I like to do is I like to form three different sets sets one for example. In this jewelry niche will be, you know, bracelets the second one will be watches and the third one will be men’s fashion and maybe a fourth one will be a combination of the three. But what I’m gon na do is I’m gon na see how much more engagement my photos get with the comments the likes using these three different sets of hashtags go refine that mix and match and use that to get optimal free, organic because everyone wants to Grow their Instagram account, but no one wants to put into work. Everyone wants to grow their Instagram account, but no one knows run effect. To that.


I’M gon na teach you do all this, but you but organic hashtag breed or organic through hashtag. It’S a one and done type thing once you do. Your research create three to four sets: you’re good forever. Maybe you do research every 3-4 months change. It up a little bit, but once you do the initial research and build out these lists, you know you’re good forever and the last thing I want to jump into is keyhole and if this allows you to track a hashtag okay, so men’s bracelet search.


Okay. This has no data on it, but what this does is tells you what language are most of the users that are using this hashtag. What country are most of these users from you know? How much is it used on an hourly basis, a basis? What are related hashtags that you could use as well, who are the most influential users using these hashtags?


What are the top sites that these hashtags or relating to are they retweets? Are they replies? What is the sentiment? What is the demographics men versus women? What are the top sources so by using this is extremely powerful to really see how important your hashtags are in the world and another one I like to do is hash tag.


Off’ i dot me and, as you can see, if I go into men’s bracelets and search this hash tag, this will also bring up relevant hashtags. Let you know the popularity trend. What is the language? That’S mostly used. How is the spelling variants?


What are the top countries? Because you don’t want to be using hashtags that aren’t correlated to your niche? You don’t want to be using hashtags that are gon na drive to your page. You don’t want to be doing the hashtags that aren’t gon na build your engagement, build your following and build your brand awareness. So just to recap, you know you could type in Instagram and you can go on Compu go on your competition.


You know, for example, I’ll go through. You know the fifty people that I put down in my spreadsheet and go through all their comments, see what hashtags they’re using do my research on that I’ll type in you know my search terms based on my own knowledge. In my own research, I’ll use these three websites to get other ideas and I’m gon na put together, like I said, three different lists of hashtags men’s fashion. Bracelets watches you know like Rolex dapper um, those types of thing, maybe men’s fashion, and you know I’ll. Do a fifth one of mixing them all together.


This is , so you to put the time and get the most targeted users then best correlate to your niche. I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to check out station media connect with me on social media as well. I really appreciate it and you know we’ll get into the third training. Next, have a great long, bye,


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