Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic My Reddit Affiliate Marketing Strategies + How to Go Viral + Increase Traffic & Rankings

My Reddit Affiliate Marketing Strategies + How to Go Viral + Increase Traffic & Rankings

Hello, redditors, marketers and youtubers. My name is Leon from the webmaster YouTube channel, and today I’m going to show you guys some of my favorite strategies to build backlinks and increase your rankings and traffic by using . Here I am at the home page of and for those that don’t know what ready is, it is the biggest viral website in the world and basically here’s what it looks like it. Showcases new stories photos videos of everything that is viral worthy, so you can have here at the front page, a meme or a cat photo videos. So just everything can be seen at this home page if it gets voted up votes a lot.

It’Ll show up at the front page, and this is where it goes viral. You get a bunch of views and ranking power for affiliate marketers that post that ready chances are your affiliate promotions or whatever you’re, promoting it’s probably not gon na, be ever showed up at the front page, because it’s heavily moderated by moderators and just user viewers downloading Spammy looking content, so the only way you can promote something practically is to buy an ad and maybe you’ll show up if you throw a lot of money at it. So this video, I’m gon na review my strategies, it’s not about going viral, but about getting backlinks ready and this easily shows up at the search engines and then the backlink goes to your V or website or whatever you’re, promoting to increase your ranking power. I will show you a shortcut on potentially go viral if you have some good content later in this video, but for now I’m going to show you just some basic things, so you can submit a link or some kind of text post most people. It’S easy just to submit a new link.

However, it’s gon na get moderated, you will enter in a URL or you can have an image or video type in a title: choose a subreddit, so there are potentially thousands upon thousands of subreddits from videos. Video games, video, editing and then there’s photos tips. So you get the idea. So the subreddit is the category or forum of this specific niche category. If you choose something like pitbulls, then your content, URL or text posts better, be related to pitbulls.

Otherwise, it will be blocked or delete it, and maybe ban get you banned from this subreddit. So what I have here is, I created my own subreddit webmaster and feel free to come here, subscribe to my webmaster and feel free to submit a link and our text posts about anything related to internet , SEO, let’s building affiliate . Whatever you think it’s related go ahead, feel free to submit and get some quick and easy backlinks to your video or website blogs. Just please don’t spam, so I’ll be certainly easy on the moderation. I will approve your links as long as it’s related to internet marketing.

In general and another strategy is why not create your own subreddit, here’s the link to creating your own subreddit, so you do need to build up some karma, which is this number next to your username, and you can build karma by simply commenting on other posts and Or submitting text posts or links that are not promotional, and once you have a certain amount of karma, you can create a subreddit just like I have here my own subreddit, where I freely submit practically whatever I want, since I’m the moderator the only moderator here. So I can’t approve anything I submit for myself: that’s not a lot of users, so we have 26 readers right now. These are like subscribers, but initially I had zero or a few. So it’s not gon na get a whole lot of views and traffic, but my main point for making my own subreddit is to create backlinks to whatever I’m promoting videos or websites. So a link from reddit is very powerful and once you post something in your subreddit, it shows up at the search engines within minutes, so very, very fast, quick, so read it’s very powerful.

So once you have enough karma, you create whatever niche you want, just name it whatever you want, give it a title, a description, some text on the sidebar and details about how what your readers, what you want, your readers to submit and these other features and options Which I’m not going to go through in detail, but basically once you’re done, selecting the options and features you click create, and there you have it. You have your own Kingdom to submit whatever your heart desires, very, very powerful links, and a lot of these shows up on the first page of Google for their keywords as well, and a lot of people say it’s hard to self promote on reddit and that’s not True because I see a bunch of affiliate reviews and self promotions on Reddit and you just have to do it wisely and in a friendly, helpful manner. So here we have this person. Five months ago he wrote a short twenty to take book about starting a clothing brand and he gives away the free ebook here and he also linked to the place to buy his book, their self promotion right. There he’s promoting his own book as long as you submit to the appropriate category or subreddit, and then try not to push yourself too hard.

It looks natural. I see it all the time, these type of self promotions or fairly reviews, and it works. This guy had to three hundred eighty nine votes, so that’s partially viral and I’m pretty sure he’s got. Maybe thousands of views from this plenty of comments as well. So definitely don’t shy away from self-promotion again if it’s to spamming, you’re, promoting it’s very spammy.

Looking things and that’s probably not a good idea and the last strategy I want to show you guys – is buying the up, so you can buy up votes, ready, votes and potentially go viral by using services from places like SEO. Clerks right here, SEO clerks and then just just search for Reddit, and we have a bunch of gigs for reddit posts, with your links submit to read it three times with 20 votes, 50 votes and you can buy as hundreds of votes. I’Ve seen those and also subscribers, you can buy those as well fairly cheap prices, and you also get my coupon for it using SEO clerks. I have a special $ 10 SEO clubs coupon that will give you free, coupon free money, ten dollars to spend at SEO clerks for whatever you want. It’S only for new users.

Please check the details in the video description below so here you can definitely buy, read it uploads and subscribers to to take the shortcut to boost your content. Whatever you post a lot of times, whatever you post requires a little bit of boosting up votes to, let others know that other people are voting, this particular content. So chances are it’s pretty good and they’re gon na check it out, and if it’s good they’re uploading to like, I said a lot of time, it just needs. The content just needs a quick boost to let allow other people to see that your content is pretty good and it’s upload worthy and you can buy the votes here. I’Ve done it before about hundreds of votes just to test it out and it works right here.

So there’s plenty of gigs offering up loads for few dollars, so I hope this helps. I hope this gives you some ideas about how to use reddit for marketing your website services products, if you have any questions, feel free to. Let me know, thanks for watching and until next time, happy marketing,

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