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My Top 6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Hey guys welcome back to my channel in today’s video I wanted to share with you my favorite ways for driving traffic to your . Once you’ve created a gorgeous professional for your , then your top priority will become driving traffic to your by traffic. I just mean getting visitors or new people to come and check out your website if you’re new here hi i’m louise of solopreneur, sidekick, calm and put out new videos every single week all to help you create a successful online . So if that is what you’re in the process of doing or you’re dreaming about it, definitely hit subscribe down below and hit that Bell icon as well. So you get notified every time I post a new video all right.

So, let’s dive into my favorite ways for driving traffic to your website, alright, so the first way is one that I talk about a lot and that is creating high value content that you share on your website in the form of a blog. There are a lot of different reasons for doing this. It’S going to build up credibility and authority in your space, but it’s also going to give you an opportunity to drive traffic from Google. So, what’s really important with this phase is that you learn or search engine optimization so that you can figure out what people are searching for and then you can write content about that and with this type of content it doesn’t just have to be written it. You could also do video or audio as well just make sure that, from an perspective that you do have some written content that accompanies it and summarizes what is in the video or that audio file.

So, by doing this, you’re giving your website a chance to rank in Google, and this could be a huge source of traffic your way. This is something that I will be personally focusing more on in 2020, because I’ve come to realize the value of organic traffic and popping up and answering someone’s question right as they are looking for. It. So number one create high-value content and make sure that you learn proper strategies so that you give it a chance to rank on Google. The next way to drive traffic to your website is to take advantage of this fantastic, free marketing tool that we have available to us, and that is social media, so whether you want to be on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

These are all great that you can use to drive traffic back to your site, so anytime you create that high value content that we just talked about. You can share it out on social media and drive traffic that way. So what I would recommend that you do is repurpose that content that you’re creating for social media so, for example, if you’re doing videos you can share little clips of it. That link back to the main video on your website. I feel like you just need to remember to use social media as much as you can when you do create this content, or you have an offer on your website.

You just need to remember to link back on social media. Often, I think a big mistake that we make is we’ll often to share it at once on social media and assume that people will see it so think of different ways that you can share it out. So, for example, if you’re using Instagram you’re going to want to post about that content that you’ve just created on your stories in your feed, possibly IG TV and really make the most of this tool. The third way is often lumped in with social media. But I would say that it’s more of a search engine, this tool is a secret weapon for a lot of my entrepreneur, friends, and that is Pinterest.

You can drive a lot of organic traffic to your website using Pinterest. What’S really great about it, it’s more of a long-term strategy, so once you put a pin up into the world of Pinterest, it can be repin dand Reshard over and over and it directly links back to your website. So, for that reason I really do love Pinterest, and I have someone on my team who focuses on this platform. Specifically it’s also more of a search engine, because that’s how people are using it, they are going to the search bar and they are typing up topics. Looking for information and inspiration so definitely take advantage of this tool.

The fourth way to drive traffic to your website is to email your list. Every time you have some new high-value content. I’Ve talked about building an email list before and how important I think it is, but this is a really great source of traffic, but these are all people that are interested in your topic and want to hear from you when you have new content, so make sure That you are utilizing your email list and building one on it basis. The next one is collabs and this is hands down, one of the best ways to increase exposure to your and drive more clicks back to your website. So this can take a lot of different forms.

This could be that you go to another person’s audience and you offer a free webinar to them. This could be a guest post on another blog. Definitely recommend that you build relationships in your industry with people that are doing complementary things and you can all help each other grow. This is something I’ve done a lot and it always brings a lot of traffic to our web sites when we are all collaborating and the final way to drive traffic to your website is through paid advertising if you’re not getting enough traffic yet through the organic methods That we just discussed, then you can definitely turn to advertising. You have a bunch of different options.

You can do Pinterest ads Facebook Ads Instagram ads. The list continues. So definitely you can give that a try and I have been using Facebook Ads quite a bit in my business overall, though I would say, give the organic marketing methods that we just talked about a try first and make sure that your offer or freebie is proven. First, before paying for traffic, but after you’ve done that, then you can definitely experiment with this way as well, alright guys, so those are the ways that I am currently driving traffic in my business. Hopefully this has given you some ideas and things to try.

I will be going more in-depth on these in future. Videos so definitely make sure that you are subscribed, and now I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments the top ways that you are driving traffic to your website and if you do not have a website yet, and you need to create one – definitely sign up for the free challenge that I am hosting next week. It’S called design your client winning website, I’m so excited. We are going to design your website together, live over five days.



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