Get More Traffic increase website traffic Organic Traffic Increased by 850%: 6 Steps

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Organic Traffic Increased by 850%: 6 Steps

I’m Eric, I’m the VP of Marketing at Arcadia and we’re a casual games company that creates titles exclusively for grown-up players. Any tier we see millions of millions of game plays on our own website, arcade and calm, as well as on the websites of the world’s largest brands and companies, including Microsoft and Washington, Post since you’re, using sem rush about a year and a half ago, we’ve seen A whopping eight hundred fifty percent increase in organic sessions. Here’S how we did it, so we started from a very foundational level, almost like a Mozilla hierarchy of needs and then at the very top we implemented things like international SEO, as well as schema markup right off. The bat we’ve diagnosed, the health of the domain we’ve been around for almost 20 years. Oh the company’s gone for some changes, so we needed to make sure that we were aware of four fours implemented three ones and stuff like that.

So what we’re seeing here is the domain health and generally, when we started you could see just a spike. We had a lot of technical errors and then, as we progressed, you see a declining to the point where it became a very healthy situation. So moving up the hierarchy, what we did was the use keyword analysis to understand volume for some of our games and categories. We use volume as a proxy for demand if there was high volume, probably a lot of demand for it. We share that with our games team to help inform their games catalog and what they were gon na build out.

We also discover some interesting findings. For example, we have a mahjong game and we’ve always felt it with two G’s, which is great, but then we discovered that mahjong with the single G has roughly eight times the search volume. So what we did we built out a mahjong category with a single G and started naming our games with the single G to be able to capitalize on that sheer search volume. So next, what we did is we leveraged that keyword, analysis to build out our category structure and not only to rebuild out categories that had a lot of search volume. But we wanted to make sure that an added value to our users to help them discover our content and, as you can see here, on classic solitaire, when we scroll down the page you’ll see there are play instructions again.

It’S about including keywords, but also providing the best experience for our users. The SEM Ruscha API has also been very helpful. We actually opened it up to a lot of employees here, to empower them to find games and categories that have search volume that we may want to consider. Building out from there we use a domain analytics tool to help get a 360-degree view of our competitors. We learn some things about them and implemented some of their practices to ensure that we can continue to gain more visibility in the search engines.

Finally, at the top of the pyramid, we implemented international SEO, which we plan on really scaling out this year as well as schema markup. So I guess in wrapping things up, SEM RF, really empowered arcadian to gain a lot more visibility in the search engines and again convert casual users into raving today.

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