Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Perfect WordPress SEO Setup (Increase Speed, Traffic + Best Plugins)

Perfect WordPress SEO Setup (Increase Speed, Traffic + Best Plugins)

Today, I’m gonna tell you 13 things that you can do to have the perfect website for and make sure to watch the whole video, because number 13 is the best. Ok, everybody, john lincoln, here with ignite visibility. I’Ve been working with since came out, I’ve been doing . Basically, since it began, and today I’m gonna, tell you all the stuff that I have learned about WordPress so that you can use it to benefit your website number one. You got to choose between categories or tags, WordPress has the category feature or the tag feature both can create major issues, especially if you have both of them live.

For example, if you add a category live for news and you had a tag live for news. Those two things would create competing URLs, so it’s really important that you pick one. I highly recommend that you know index tags and you keep categories live and you make sure that you actually optimize those categories which I’ll get into a little bit later. Okay. Item number two: you need to have a sitemap, but not just one sitemap.

You need to have multiple sitemaps. Those are the XML sitemap video, sitemap image sitemap and if you’re in Google News of Google News sitemap so make sure you have all those sitemaps there’s plugins for every single one. In addition, item number three: you need to have an HTML sitemap, an HTML sitemap. You want to take that and link to that in the footer, so that if Google crawls any page of your website, they can crawl into the HTML sitemap and that HTML sitemap will list all the different pages you have. If you have more than a couple hundred pages, you might want to create sitemap tiers so that Google can crawl from one sitemap to the next and there’s not too many links on the page.

Okay, item number four and also looks like I put that as item number 11 for some reason, but it’s Yoast you want to make sure you install Yoast, is the best plugin for WordPress and not just Yoast. But the item number 11 – that I have is for Yoast premium, so you’ll spree me make sure that you don’t have any dead links. It’S gonna make sure things are redirecting properly. It’S not that expensive and there is a ton of value there. So I highly recommend that you upgrade and pay a little bit more in addition to those things I just mentioned, they have specific things for schema and local.

That can be really great for businesses as well. Okay, item number: five: we talked about categories and tags. Well, one thing you probably didn’t know is you can do dynamic or what that means is use a set of rules to optimize multiple pages at once in the place that you would do. That is generally on the category section of a WordPress site. So if you had a hundred different categories and each category has five subcategories on a WordPress site, this is typical of a new site, sometimes an site.

What you can do is use Yoast to actually set up a set of rules so that the category name gets populated into things like the title, the description and so on and so forth. So make sure you do dynamic SEO and just a quick point, if you have categories, make sure you fully optimize them most times people forget to optimize the categories on their blogs on the WordPress site. You should either do that or you should know Index them all right. So now we’re getting into item number six for item number. Six I have sumo and push Nami.

Sumo is a really cool plug-in, an interface that’s going to allow you to fire popups on any page of the website, any segment of the website. When somebody leaves the website you could fire based off of their own mobile desktop, it’s really really powerful. I highly recommend you install this push. Nami is a push notification. Software, that’s going to allow you to collect push subscribers and send them notifications.

These two things will really help your website there’s also something called optinmonster, which is a competitor to sumo, which is really really powerful. Both are pretty good and there’s different pros and cons to each but make sure you have at least one. Maybe one of the most important things on a WordPress website is item number seven and that’s the sidebar, so you got ta, be really really deliberate with what your sidebar looks like on any given page, especially on your . So on your , you want to make sure you have text at the top that tells people where they are on the web people land. They have no idea where they are.

Your text box is your one chance to tell people where they are what they need to know about you. You want to make sure you have social media icons, so people can subscribe if they want an email capture area, so people can opt in to your email and tell them. You know all the benefits of the email as well, and then you also want to list your top content and in addition to that, it’s usually a good idea to have a bio in the sidebar and if you don’t have it in the sidebar, you want to Make sure that it’s on your post level and that’s what I’m going to get into next on the post level? It’S really really important that you have share buttons and it’s really really important that you have an individual author, bio. The the author.

Bio is really important for ei T, expertise, Authority and trustworthiness, so that somebody knows that there’s credibility behind this article. The share buttons are also really really important so that people can share it, and one of my favorite ways to create share buttons is by using Sumo they’ve, got a really great share button creator that you can use and just install and get going. It’S one of the best ones out there: okay, a couple other things: item number 9, simple, 301 redirect really easy way, so you can just paste in redirects, so you can do them yourself. It’S a plug-in, highly recommended w3c. Total cache is a great way to and get it really really fast, there’s also WP fastest cache.

That’S another really good. One. Recently, we’ve actually built our own custom plugin for PageSpeed, and it makes WordPress websites get to. You know 90 out of 100 99 out of a hundred and that’s working really really well and then, as we get into item number twelve, I highly recommend that, for your hosting you look at WP engine, that’s a great place to host because they really just specialize In WordPress they make sure it’s secure, they make sure you don’t have any of the wrong plugins installed that are gonna break the website, and it’s also very good for security and then finally item number 13. The main thing that I talked about that I talked up site kit, which is a new plug-in by Google.

That’S gonna tell you a bunch of great information and connect all the different things that you need for Google directly to your WordPress website. So that’s it! For some of the most important things that you need to know about WordPress SEO and WordPress in general, I hope you liked this video make sure to LIKE comment. Subscribe, we’ll see you next time.


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