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Pinterest Hacks Bloggers Should Know To Increase Traffic

Hello, I’m Callan Transport, and this is happening. In contrast, in today’s, video, I’m, going to share with you Pinterest tax that every vlogger should know to turbocharge their studies. After studies have shown of bloggers and websites that optimize their sites and blog post for Pinterest are getting a ton more , and now is the time for you to capitalize on that, so that you can turbo charge your as well.

Now, if you’re here, there’s already a good chance that you know the importance of Pinterest, but just in case let’s recap: Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is a search engine and a powerful One with over a hundred million users and growing Pinterest reaches a way broad audience on a ton of different topics and is probably one of the most underrated search engines that is out there.

So let me share these with you hack number. One is to get rich pins for your . You’ve, probably seen these before. They are enhanced pins and tend to perform a lot better in the searches about com.

Actually did a study with rich pins and realized that pins that were rich pins were getting 70 % more traffic back to their . Now rich pins are not random and they are not saved just for really popular websites.

You can get them for your blog and the easiest way to do this is to Google and naval rich pins, and the first few links will bring you into the Pinterest support which walks you through the entire process and its really simple hack number two is to Make sure you have a Pinterest business account? This is going to allow you to capitalize on the Pinterest analytics, which are insightful and very helpful, also allows you to advertise and promote your pins, and it verifies you which seems to help your pins perform better in the searches.

So all you need to do to switch to a business account is go to business Pinterest comm. There are three easy steps that you follow and you will be set up for a business account hack, number three automate your pins.

It has been shown that the best schedule for pinning is to pin consistently every single day and it’s strategic times throughout the day. Depending on your audience, however, you’re, probably a human, and so you probably don’t log into Pinterest multiple times every day and so tickly pin at different times throughout the day and that’s.

Why? I love pin schedulers, I use the app because it is super-easy. There is a small monthly fee, but I find it totally worth it, because what you can do is grab a bunch of pins at once, whether you’re grabbing them from Pinterest or a , your own blog post you can set which boards you Want them to go to write out descriptions and schedule them will create a smart schedule just for you, with recommended times, based on your audience, optimize your calendar over time with new recommendations and times to publish based on the habits of your audience.

So it doesn’t just automate the process of your pins going out, but it’s. Actually smart about pinning for your own audience, make sure you’re using alt tags for your images. If you’ve ever pinned a picture from Pinterest, you will see that it automatically pulls some text in to the description box.

It pulls it from the alt tags and if you haven’t set an alt tag. These images are getting pinned to Pinterest, with no helpful keywords to help them get found, repend shared or clicked. So you want to make sure you always add alt tags with descriptive, longtail keywords and images on your website.

That way, you know that every picture from your blog posts are getting pinned with proper descriptions, so they are more likely to be found, click done, which means more traffic back to your site. My next hack is to see what people are pinning from your website.

If you don’t already know this trick, it is so insightful and so helpful to see what things people are. Choosing from your blog to pin all you need to do is go to WWE Escom, forward, slash source forward, slash your URL com, no WWE, just yourdomain.

com. My next hack is to create images that are the right size for Pinterest. If you’re, creating a beautiful graphic that you have sort of designed in your mind that you want to get shared on Pinterest, you want to make sure using the right size and right aspect that’s ideal for Pinterest.

In the two aspects that are the best are 2 to 3 or 3 to 5. The next hack is to try board looping board looping, essentially just take spins that are at the very bottom of a board and brings them back up to the top of the board and it’s, designed to bring new light to pins that you May have pinned back before your audience had grown to the size that it is now.

I use a website called board booster to do this, and you can set up different looping settings for different boards. You want to use looping for larger boards, where you have a couple hundred pens, so you don’t end up with a bunch of the same pens close together, but it is a great way to get new traffic to an old pin.

My last hack is all about the description box. You never want to just pin a pen without first addressing what’s in the description box, because by properly optimizing it just like you would optimize a blog post.

You’re, going to ensure that it’s, getting more shares it’s showing up in more searches. It’s. Getting more engagements, more people are coming to your profile and more people are going back to your website.

So let’s. Talk about some best practices for the description box. First, you want to use correct, capitalization and punctuation. You want to leave the hashtags for Instagram, they are not well received on Pinterest and they don’t want to see them.

You also want to avoid promotional information or called actions. You definitely want to make sure you are using longtail keywords to help show up in more searches. Next, you want to use positive sentiments when you ‘

Re writing on Pinterest. Pinterest is really this unique place of, like hope and aspirations. People come here to find things that they really believe they can achieve and they can do and besides the fact that it’s, a powerful search engine that’s, one of the things that I love about Pinterest so make sure that You’re, really fostering that positive vibe.

The Pinterest already has going on in the description boxes and, lastly, know that about 75 to 100 characters in your description will appear in the grid, but you can include up to 500 characters. The general rule of thumb is more characters means more helpful details and more opportunities to show up in the searches all right guys that does it for my for bloggers.

If you want more don’t forget to visit me at caffeinate and conquer calm, thanks so much for stopping by and watching this tutorial with me, and I will see you guys all in my next caffeinated conquer video

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