Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic SEO Strategies to Increase Traffic (7 Tips from 2021 Case Study)

SEO Strategies to Increase Traffic (7 Tips from 2021 Case Study)

Did you know that nerd wall does over-reported hundred million dollars in annual revenue and their main channel as SEO? Well guys if you want to be on the cutting edge of SEO this year, this video is for you hey guys.

This is Clayton from the hoth and today in this video I want to be breaking down the top 7 new strategies that nerd wall is using to get this explosive traffic. So let’s hop over to my computer and we’ll.

Get right into it, let me show you the first creative tactic that nerd wall it’s using to acquire links and the first one is called ego bait. So ego bait is essentially when you go out there and you try to inflate someone’s ego for the purposes of baiting them and to giving you a link, and so here’s, an example of one of the Articles that they Wrote so first, they’ll write an article called something like the best cities for quality of life and they’ll.

Do some research and they’ll, show their key takeaways and whatnot, and then they’ll. Come down here in the list, all the cities that they have found, they’ve determined, have the best quality of life and then what they’ll do.

Is they’ll reach out to these cities and say: hey? You know what you just won, this award for best cities for quality of life, and, if you guys would like you know, when people get awards, they love to and display those awards or talk about them.

So a lot of times these sites will, you know, link back to this article to say that they’ve won this award. So let me show you some examples so right here this is Madison. This is the city homepage and they won this award, and you can see here that they just said on their media rankings page.

They said they’re, the number one. Actually, they must have won. Multiple award says greenest city, but they also want another. One that we’re just talking about the best cities for quality of life, see if I can find it so nerd wallet, calm right there.

They got a link right there, and this is a cool page to get a link from you can see. This is a domain Authority 47, so that’s, a pretty powerful domain and a page Authority 38, so also pretty decent page Authority.

So this is a pretty cool link to get, and you saw already that they had multiple going to nerd wall comm. So Madison is not the only city that linked back to this article. You know we can see here this Overland Park.

If I search nerd law says nerd wall named Overland Park is then one of the best cities for quality of life. You can see the link right there and again. This is on addy 56 PA 41 site here’s, another one.

This is a Lexington see if we can find a nerd wallet on here, so you can see they actually got another one best city but best city for women in the workforce, but you can see best city for quality of life.

Here’s that link, so you can see that you know this strategy is pretty effective. They they had all these different CPUs in here after they wrote this article they reached out to them all and they started getting links back from pretty high quality pages.

So this is a great article for them in terms of ego bait, but this is not the only one that they’ve done here’s, another one. They said best small cities in America and they created a ton of different best.

Small cities over here and they reach out to all these small cities and then guess what they did here’s here’s, an example of Owensboro, and if you scroll down here to the bottom, you can see that not only did They get a link but nerble.

It actually created a pretty cool badge for them to display, and you can see if I hover over this down the bottom. It says that you got a link to nerd wallet, comm right there. They went above and beyond.

They even created these badges that said hundred best small cities in the nation 2015, and you know they replicated this strategy. So they got a link on the homepage of Owensboro org, which is da40 and a PA 45.

So it’s. It’s, a pretty powerful link right there smack dab on the homepage. So I think this strategy was really effective, but they don’t stop there. Nerd ball has done this over and over and over. So you can see here they did best cities for young families in Southern California.

They – and you can see here. This is working best cities for young families, cities for jobseekers, so yeah. They’re, getting multiple links for this article and then they just continue. They do have ton of these kinds of things so best places for young families in Northern California, best cities for a home ownership in California best cities for job seekers.

So they just keep replicating this strategy over and over, and it seems to work really well so think about. You know what kind of awards you could give what kind of data you could collect and try to ego bait some other sites into giving you a link back.

It’s, pretty effective for purposes, all right guys. So let’s, go to the next tip, alright, so the second tactic that nerd Walt’s using is essentially as featured in links, and so what you want to do, or what nerd wall is doing in this case is they are Promoting different services, new products, new brands, all kinds of different stuff like that, and then when they’re featured in this new brand, is featured in their wallet a lot of times.

What to do is they’ll say they’ll on their on their homepage. They will link back to learn wall because being featured in nerd wallet is kind of like a social proof signal. So here’s an example. Nerd wallet went and they they covered a called tabbed out in this article called tabletop.

Tech boosts restaurant efficiency, and so what they did is they. They covered this topic here and then they talked about a brand called tabbed out and then so what happened after they did that they reached out and then they said, hey tabbed out.

You were featured here in our publication when we wrote this article about you and then tab down actually see here on their site and down here at the bottom they wrote, they are featured in your wall, says, read what people have been saying about us.

It’s, got a nerd wallet right there and I ‘ Ve got a nice link right to this article. You can see that this link is on a da 41 PA 47 site and so that’s, a pretty powerful link that they got right there on the home page.

So that’s, a pretty cool way that they are acquiring links – and you know, nerd wall covers tons of different new products. Different new services puts out tons of news and they’re, getting lots of links when they feature other brands.

Inside of the nerd wall, blogs here’s, another example: it’s, it’s a little bit of an offshoot of it, and essentially this is a page under wall called nerd wall. It’s, cost living calculator. You come in here and figure out how much it costs to live in different cities etc, and one of the links to the site is from right here.

It’s, CEO Li, it is the cost of living index and they provide a lot of the data for this tool, and you can see here. This is essentially like an as featured in link, and you can see it just went right there right there who uses Kohli data, nerd wallet and it’s, got a nice link right to this cost-of-living calculator.

So, for this tip think about what kind of products services any kind of news you could cover that people would be proud to be featured in your publication. Ok, then reach out to them and give them a logo and say if you would want to you know if you want to link to us and use our brand as social proof, that would be totally fine and you can acquire some pretty cool links like that.

All right, so my next tip from nerd wallet is called content distribution. This is actually happening a lot with nerd law. It seems like a lot of their come from this tactic, and content distribution essentially means taking content that you’ve, already written on your site and distributing it to other sites.

You know that are authoritative, so here’s, an example of one of the sites that nerd wallet has republished their own content on. So you can see here it’s. The Christian Science Monitor this is obviously a very well-known site.

It’s, a very powerful site. It’s, a domain Authority 91, so it’s, a very again very powerful, and you can see here. You know this is just an article that nerd law had written and down at the bottom. I I know that it ‘

S actually been distributed because it says this article first appeared on nerd wallet, so you can see right here on nerd wallet. This is where it originally appeared. Now there’s, a lot of talk around.

If this is good, it was it bad. I just wanted to show you that this is a tactic that nerve wallet is actually using and it’s. Working very well for them. You know people talk about this duplicate content as their canonical redirects, and so I don’t want to speak for the whole strategy.

I just wanted to point this out, but you can tell here in this article, for instance, there are quite a handful of links coming back to nerd law, so here’s. One right here here’s. Another one right here there’s; lots of links inside of this article that link back to nerd law and link back to you know very important pages, even review pages, for instance like better man.

Now I’ll, be using this betterment page for the next few examples. So here is another example on a JC comm, and this is a news website, and this is another article that was distributed. You know in terms of content distribution that’s, what they call it – and you can see here – they’re, linking back to nerd wallet right here, and I know it’s, content distribution because it says here we go.

This article robo-advisor betterment adds a human touch, originally appeared on nerve wallet, so they’re, taking the same content that they already have, and they are publishing it on other, very authoritative domains with links back to their website.

Okay, so I hope you guys will like that tactic. So the next tactic that I want to talk about is called guest posting and you’ve, probably heard of guest listing before, but nerd Wald is pretty excellent at doing this, and this is a way that they acquire lots of links that boost up Their pages, so they here’s an example.

I’m still staying on the the betterment review page. This is a page that ranks very well for betterment review and I’m just showing you some of the links that come from it. So here is an example of a guest post that they ‘

Ve done so you can see here. This is this author is named cliff goldstein. He says right here. He is a member of the personal finance team at nerd wallet it’s, got a nice fat link right there too. It’s, a nerd wallet, and here in this article you know he writes a bunch of different stuff and he has a ton of Link’s over turn, while, like all these are links to nerd wallet, so throughout the article so That’s.

What you can do, you can go out there and you can reach out to other types of sites that are in your niche and your market sites that makes sense, create an author account or submit a post to them. That’s relevant to their audience and then link back to your site.

Within that article, it’s, a really great way to get links back to your site. We actually have a service that can do this. For you, it’s called Hoth the guest post, and if you’d like some help with that check it out, but this is a pretty cool strategy.

Let me show you another example. This is clearly on here’s, another one where they did on nasdaq comm. You can see here that nerd wallet has their own account on nasdaq comm and they were able to create these articles and they can link back to their site.

Right here is the link back to the site here’s, another link back to nerd wallet and it’s, pretty cool. So it says that a Joseph Engle – we in sorry I don’t – know pronounce the name is an investment right, our nerd wallet.

So essentially, this is a guest post, all right, okay, so guest posting can be a really effective strategy. Go reach out to other sites, submit your articles to them, make sure that they’re, very high quality and they deliver value to the audience and then link back to your site within those articles.

All right. The next tip is to create content that naturally attracts , and so let me give you a few examples of the types of content that nerve wall it’s, creating that are really good for attracting .

A lot of these pieces of content are very linkable and the fact that they either have original research data in them, and people use that data to prove a point. Or you know it’s a it’s, a free tool where people can link to it as an additional resource, or it’s.

Some kind of long guide there’s, lots of different ways. You can create very linkable content, but I’m gonna show you a couple example here is one that nerd wall produced called get a small loan in five steps, and what this does is it’s, a it’s, a nice guide that shows you know how you can get a loan.

It’s, a very popular topic, and so what ends up happening is that a lot of people link to this because it’s? A very valuable you know piece of content, very valuable piece of advice, and so when we look up this article, we can see here by the way this is the hoff backlink checker.

You can see here that this has 339 external backlinks and it’s, pretty cool. You know. People are just linking to this because it’s, a valuable piece of content, alright by the way big shout-out to a ahrefs.

A lot of the data from this presentation comes from a giraffe’s. They’re kind of investigating in there, and eight reps actually provides the data for this free tool that we have. So if you guys would like to investigate your competitors or see what’s going on on your website, you can always use the Hofmann checker to go and see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Okay, cool! Let me give you another example of a piece of content that creates or generates backlinks or attracts backlinks, better said. So. This is 2018 American household credit card debt study. So what they did is they actually produce original data.

They did a study and try to find out. You know what’s, going on with credit card debt. They put together a lot of statistics and things like that: pretty cool data, and so again this is the type of content that would actually generate a lot of links.

You know people citing this article. You can see that this one actually generated way more backlinks, 13,000 or 2500, referring domains pretty great in terms of generating a lot of backlinks. So if you can produce some kind of original study or original data, it’s.

Very good idea. You’ll, be able to get a lot of backlinks from that. So one last piece: let me show you real quick here: it’s a little bit different. It’s, not really a piece of content in the traditional sense.

You know it’s, not like an article or anything like that. This is a calculator, so it’s. A tool tools are another great way to generate backlinks cuz people. If it’s very useful. You know people will link to it their articles and whatnot.

So here’s, one a tool that they have it’s. The house – affordability, calculator – you come in here and figure out how much you can afford, based on your credit and whatnot, and then you can see here when I look this up in the backlink checker.

This has 606 referring domains, so it’s. A really great page, it’s, got a lot of links coming back to it so tools if you could find a way to create a tool for your audience, a calculator or something like that.

That could be another great way to attract backlinks. So this whole tip is about what what kinds of content are going to naturally attract backlinks, so think about that, and hopefully you can execute on it.

So in these tips we ‘ Ve actually been talking a ton about just get backlinks, but you guys realize that traffic is not all just about getting backlinks. You know not. Every article needs to generate a million backlinks or whatever nerd wallet actually also produces content.

That’s geared at social shares, so a lot of times with social as opposed to being a resource. What you want to do is find some kind of angle find some kind of article that you can write that’s, either controversial or helps people be proud to share it because it backs up their own opinions, and it could be a great discussion.

Point so here’s, a few examples of pretty highly shared. These all have thousands of thousands of shares highly shared articles that nerdball has written. So you can see here this one has nine point: five thousand shares on Facebook and this one’s called twelve first time, homebuyer mistakes and how to avoid them.

So you can just imagine my mom sharing this with me. You know on on Facebook, or you know, people people just sharing it around. So this article just kind of goes in and shows you know kind of some top mistakes, not figuring out how much you can afford.

They ask the link to their calculators here, making the small down making a down payment that’s too small, so anyway, this is a pretty shareable article. Now, if you share this is somebody you would feel like you helped them.

So this is a pretty cool example here’s, another one, a little more controversial, Millennials and home buying myths and reality. So this kind of goes and talks about the myths and realities of their study that they’ve done on Millennials and and home buying.

So you can see how this can be a controversial topic. You know people want to share it. They want to talk about it about their point, etcetera, and this has 15,000 shares on Facebook. So pretty crazy here’s, one more example of an I like this one, because it’s.

It’s, an inspiring story, one couples journey from debt to 1.5 million dollars in savings. So this is a very inspiring story. It’s, you can drive emotional connection with it, and so this is definitely something that would get shared on social, so think about in your industry.

You know or around your industry what kinds of stories you can tell what kinds of controversial topics you could write on that not only are gonna attract backlinks, but would also be geared at getting a lot of social shares.

All right guys. My last tip is to create best of class content. Somehow nerd wallets top ranking highest traffic pieces are actually revenue generating here’s an example, one of the most valuable terms that they rank for is best credit cards, and you guys can see here here’s, the page on best credit Cards now, if you had a normal site, probably a lot of their competitors, just have you know a very simple list of you know the best credit cards, but you guys can see here it’s January 2019.

Right now, when I’m recording this video inner wall, it’s already updated their their content, best credit cards of January 2019 – and you guys can see here. This is not just a simple article. This has a lot more features to it.

So here’s, a bunch of credit cards. This is what it looks like when you first look at it, but right here at the top, it ‘ Ll show jump to best offers for January balance, transfer cash back all these different types of credit cards, and that makes it a lot more interactive.

So, for instance, I could say you know I want to travel a lot and it’s. Gon na take me right to the Travel section. Tell me which of credit cards are the best now. This is not the only thing you guys can also hit read more, you can add to compare, and you guys can see here it pops up right down here in the bottom.

Maybe I’ll. Compare they’re two or three cards: okay, pretty cool, and then I can hit this and I can compare these cards. So this is like a very interactive page, so nerd’wall is essentially going above and beyond.

You know they have a very clean interface, but it’s, not just a list of different credit cards. They’ve, actually organized by category that give you the ability to compare very easily it’s very, very nice UI.

In terms of very readable, you know all the information is right there so create this type of best class content find other ways other than just you know, maybe listing whatever you have to really get the reader from wherever they’re at to where They want to go and put them on that path.

Okay, here’s; another one here’s, another example of how nerd wallet kind of goes above above and beyond terms their interactivity on their site to make the the user experience way. Better, so you have the best savings account of 2019.

You guys can see here it’s, pretty similar show accounts that offer and then you can select whatever you know. You know feature that’s, really important to you. You can sort it by a different way. You can click the button to learn more again.

This is you know this is a very profitable page for them. I’m sure, as these are all affiliate links going to these banks, but you can see how nerd wall kind of goes above and beyond, and they really describe what’s going on on each of these different offers, and they have Interactivity and whatnot so think about ways you can take your content.

Make it best of class make it by far the best piece of content on online, and if you can do that, there’s, a good chance that you’ll, attract the right backlinks and the shares and everything you need to be Able to rank alright guys hope you enjoyed that video make sure to leave a comment down below which of the seven tips that you like the best, and if you like, this type of video, make sure to hit that subscribe button as well.

So you can see a lot more of these and if you want to learn about how the Hoth can help you with your SEO just head over to the hot guys, thanks for watching, we’ll, see you on the next one: peace

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