Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic SEO Tips – Latest SEO Secrets for Ranking #1 on Google: exact proof and step-by-step rankings

SEO Tips – Latest SEO Secrets for Ranking #1 on Google: exact proof and step-by-step rankings


Hi it’s simon from s media, and i wanted to just show you one of the techniques that’s working really incredibly well for us on uh google at the moment. This is not a secret. This is something that every seo agency out there in the world should be getting hold of and using as a tactic. Now, over the last couple of months, we’ve been putting uh videos together. That answer people’s questions, and why have we done that?


We’Ve done it so that we can rank those questions in maine, google. Now the challenge is and has always been for agencies to get video and organic rankings quickly to the top of search. Many agencies and a lot of people will have heard me say this before really don’t know what they’re doing in terms of seo. So this is a technique that i can show you. You can rank at the top of google within a couple of weeks, and this is the proof to show you that, how we’ve done that and what’s been going on so over a couple of couple of months, we’ve been making lots of videos.


Now, if i search on youtube and i search for youtube to tutorial – because i know we come up for this – it’s a one of the phrases that we’ve been trying to rank for i search and then you can see that the video that comes up. That’S us there’s me, there’s my ugly mug, there’s andy my business partner and there’s vince, who we work with, and a lot of credit goes to vince, showing me some of the ways to rank these videos as well, and if any of you need advice from vince, Let me know so: this video ranks at the top of youtube for youtube tutorial. If i go into that video and we look at the description, that’s within it, you can see we’ve added subtitles, which is really important as well. Within the video description. You’Ll see we’ve written a really long description and detailed description within this video, but, moreover, what we’ve done, we’ve written a lot of time, codes into the video and you’ll see that these these videos contain um questions so, for example, here at 29 minutes 55 seconds.


If i click that it will take me to the question, should i use a specialist youtube ads agency, not a massively searched question, but it is a question: that’s relevant to our business. So if i go and press 29 minutes 55, it comes straight to that question, and this is what google’s picking up on it’s picking up on the quality answers that people make. Why is that now? If you think about it, the only thing that can ever put google out of business and a lot of people would say well, google can’t go out of business. Google is worried at the moment and it’s worried about guess what it’s worried about alexa, so jeff is sat there with alexa you’ve got siri cortana, bixby loads of answer engines and google is worried about in five or ten years time when people are searching with their Voice and they’re asking questions and they’re not bothering anymore, to type questions into the search engines.


At that point, google becomes one of five one of six or even more, and it’s gone from its absolute dominance of search today to nowhere. Well, not nowhere, but it becomes um, not the search engine of choice at that point and it risks losing all of that to alexa that’s its main threat. So what google’s doing is allowing video to rank really quickly at the top of search? Why? Because google sees video as the bridge between text based organic search as we have it today and voice based search, and why does it use video it’s using video to test how you and i engage with video content because within those videos, live the answers to the Questions that people are asking, if i’m looking to the for the answer to a question uh, the answer will be different from me to somebody else who searches the same question now.


If we both search that question on main google at the moment, the chances are, we get the same answer if two of us search for the same question on youtube, we get different videos served to us and the reason is google wants to test how people within Different cohorts react to the content. They are served and that’s the reason why you can at the top of google pretty much within 24 or 48 hours. So hopefully that makes sense. It’S getting it’s getting to the point where google will serve video straight to the top of search pretty much straight away. Now.


The next interesting piece within this um within this piece that we’re showing you in terms of seo is our rankings have gone up 700 places in the last couple of months. Since we started to make these videos you can see here, 736 places we’ve gone up now. If i search again for the the question, should i use a specialist youtube ads agency? If i copy that go to google and i go here – i’m just going to remove the dot out of that now. Should i should i use a specialist youtube ads agency.


You can see that is s media, that’s our business. We are in as the featured snippet, and here is the video that references that question. As you can see that video was only posted a month ago and it now dominates search out of 4.7 million results. We are number one within a month.


We have a video here that ranks as the top video. Now, i’m not saying we rank for every single question that we put up, but what we’re doing is building a knowledge base of questions around the topic that we want to be seen as the experts for – and this is what i’d suggest all businesses do now, because Within those questions you build trust you build engagement. Your client will come to your website, knowing that you’ve got the answer and meaning that they are far more likely to buy from you. So if i go back to our ranking tool here and this, this is a tool i use it’s called agency analytics um, it’s one of the pretty much standard tools out there. You can see that we’ve started getting a list of um of these questions.


Coming to the top of search – and this then means that we support our main search terms such as youtube ad agency – that’s what we do! That’S our main reason for being in business. We run ads mainly for big clients on on youtube. So here you can see. We rank as it stands today.


Eighth uh we’ve gone down one from seven yesterday, but what you typically see are fluctuations in search uh before you go up and are promoted higher up other terms that we want to rank for video ads, um youtube ad specialist uh. Other questions that go around the topic: how much is it for an ad on youtube back linking video ad cost digital media everything to do with what we do? How much does it cost for advertising on youtube and – and these are all the questions they are found from going on to youtube now, should i should i use a specialist youtube ads agency? Yes, we’ve established, we rank number one scroll down. People also ask so here are other questions that we could answer, and you can see that within here.


If you click on these answers, more and more questions appear on a topic. Let me show you a video example. If i go uh, how do i install a patio door? There’S a video answer straight in at the top of youtube or straight in the top of google, go back to our search click on the video tab. There we are, you can see.


That’S us s! Media! That’S a page on our website. Second result: that’s us youtube , tutorial and help. Third s.


Media expert youtube advertising agency um, so we’ve got the top three positions for relevant search terms for our business within a month, and you can see this one only went up. Uh it’s today the 30th, so that went in on the first of march, this one 11th of february that ad or that video went in on the 26th of december. So you can see fresh video uploaded, including questions around the topic that people are searching, creates absolute ranking gold on the top of google search. It’S undisputable um any seo agency who know what they’re doing should be suggesting this as a tactic to your business. Most of them, don’t because they don’t want you spending your budget on video rather than seo building metadata sites site, speed improvements, all of that stuff that should be pretty basic.


This should be a basic uh requisite within any seo campaign. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this video. This shows you the proof of what we’ve been doing. As i say, the tools are, we use agency analytics. We build videos with questions in them.


We put a decent description that actually is made for people to understand and read we put in the time codes. We use hashtags, and you know if you want to know more. If anyone who knows what they’re doing should be able to follow this formula and see um see do this, if you need help uh, send me a dm or an email. My email is simon, and hopefully this has been helpful, cheers guys just to show you how some of that actually translates into business and engagement within our channel.


So here’s the youtube analytics channel on the left. If you go into youtube studio, you can see analytics click on that uh in the last 28 days, updating real time. Uh we’ve got a total of 3724 subscribers in total 32 000 views in the last 48 hours, not bad, quite quite impressed with that. Here’S a list of the top videos within our channel, but you can see overall, we’ve had a nearly 200k views in the last month. Yes, we do support this with advertising as well.


We’Ve had 13 and a half thousand watch time hours in total gone up 400. Subscribers, but you can really see where this strategy you know we were pretty much flatlining for the for the start of march and once you start seeing these videos ranking um, it opens your eyes to how good this can be, and you know we we’ve gone from An average of three or four thousand views a day through now to peaking at 20 000 views a day and there’s some of the top videos within the channel so yeah. Hopefully this is useful, i’ll move on and tell you a few more bits about how we’ve made this happen. One of the other things i wanted to just take you through as well. You can see that this video we published at the start of march 2021 and went live on the first.


You can see that for the first, what 15 16 days that that video was alive had a little blip, you know had a bit of gained a bit of traction um a couple of weeks in then it sort of flatlined, and then you can really see once It got picked up in youtube, search and started to gain traction. That’S when it’s gone on to main google and driven a lot more engagement, you can see. It’S got. 75 000 views watch time nearly ten thousand hours, which is really good. Um average view duration, duration, seven and a half minutes, and it’s had a hundred and twenty seven thousand impressions, so we’re getting our brand everywhere for the terms that we want to.


You guys can do this too. It’S just a question of taking your time to build the content around the questions that work for your business doing a little bit of research. If you need help doing that, as i say, send me a message. Impressions to click through rate on this is really good. As well, it’s at two percent and that’s one of the key indicators that google are measuring, how people engage with your content.


So that is the most important if you can take one thing away from watching this video, the engagement rate is the key. If you can get people to stick, so you don’t want to show your video to the wrong people, you want it to be found by the perfect audience once they come, they watch they find the answers to their questions, and then they’ll, google and youtube will promote That video content for you so just to show you a bit more in depth as to where these pages come from and how those videos are embedded um. You can see that we rank number one here as explained now, if i click through to our page um, the page title is just: how do i build audiences on youtube and it’s you youtube marketing q, a we’re trying to rank for ultimately youtube marketing. Now, within the page, we’ve built up quite a lot of those video pieces of content um, but again within any of these videos. If i play them and then go to youtube, this is a different video, again uh.


If i pause that a sec, then if i go down again more descriptions, time codes of when the questions appear and then engagement from people within the community, but you can see if we start searching for other terms like youtube marketing. Although we’re not number one. Just for youtube marketing. Currently we are number two uh number five number, eight or nine number: 10 um, 11, 12. 13.


You can sort of see we’ve got it covered, there’s a lot of that front page now built up with our content on it, as i say, massively massively powerful seo technique. Probably the number one seo technique that anybody should be talking about right now. Please do uh like and share and engage with the with this video i’d, love that if you could um, if you found it valuable, you know give me a shout out in the comments. Send me um, some love some likes would love that and yeah. Hopefully, if anybody wants further advice, let me know


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