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So I’m gonna show you hijack to your website immediately and how you can get to any website, starting today, guys, I’m gonna tell you this methods is extremely fast. You can do this in literally minutes. There’S no backlinking at all. You don’t have to rank any videos and there’s no waiting. This is a really really cool method.

Basically, you start getting today it could be to any niche, any landing page any website. Any video that you’d like really really excited to show this video to you guys. So, basically, what we’re gonna be doing is we’re refining videos right and a lot of these videos here, you’ll see that they have a link right. This video particularly has 56,000 views, and if I click this link here, it goes to a dead link right, there’s nothing going to it. So I’m gonna show you how we can hijack this and send this to anywhere any link.

We want whether it’s an affiliate link or it’s our own landing page or whatever. It is right. I’M gonna show you do that and find these websites. Okay, now here’s the cool thing about this. You can take this website.

That’S a dead link, it’s not going anywhere and then we can go to a website called This is basically where you buy domains. Now. Remember this domain, someone used to have the domain, but now they they abandoned the domain.

They abandoned the YouTube channel, whatever it is right, so we can. Basically, you know, get free clicks from this from this YouTube, video, that’s generating thousands and thousands of views right. So if I go to, we can see if this domain is available. So right now you can see this particular one right here, it’s available and it’s only $ 7 for the whole year right really really cool.

So I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this guys if you’re a brand new to my channel. My name is Jonathan Montoya, with passive income lifestyles and on this channel I teach people how to , specifically with affiliate marketing, but I have a ton of videos on how to affiliate, marketing, getting traffic with YouTube kicked off all that good Stuff guys, the goal of this channel is help. You build a full time, passive income, so you can achieve financial freedom. So if you want to learn more, I’m going to be posting videos almost every single day. So please subscribe to the channel guys.

Let’S go ahead and get with the actual video alright. So how do we do this method right so just go to and just start with any niche right. It can be anything that you’d like. So, let’s just say you know it’s a healthy right, so healthy foods, okay and basically, what we do from here is you’re gonna go through every single video to see if there’s any broken links right.

So you gonna start with this video. Here you start with this video here and you’re gonna see, if there’s any links in here right, for example, this one right here: okay, so ate healthier versions of your favorite chief foots okay, it’s getting you know millions of millions of views. You know. Obviously you know we would like, for one of these really high ranking videos, that’s getting millions of views for to be a dead link. That way we can go ahead and buy a domain and send it to any website that we’d like right.

That’S the goal, so you can see here, I’m gonna go ahead and see if this link here. Okay, this is the link that works. Okay. This is the link that you want to test out right, so you want to click it and see if it goes to a website. If it goes to nothing, then it’s a dead website and we can see if it’s available to buy as a domain.

Okay. So I’m gonna go here and then it says download the new tasty app. So let’s just see if this works at all so that so it doesn’t go to anywhere it’s a dead link, but we still got to check if that domain is available. So it’s tasty app com, so we’re gonna go to Namecheap, I’m gonna see. If this one is available.

Let me go back here, so I’m gonna go to, so we saw that the other website was available that we just talked about. I’M gonna name, Chi, tasty, opcom and may or may not be available. Probably let’s take a look so that one’s not available as you can see, you would have to make an offer for that. But if we went to the other video, as I showed you, this one is available right and then there’s another link under this, so we can even test this link out right here.

Okay, so we can see if this one’s available – if I click the link, best skincare lines, nothing right and this video is getting millions and thousands of views. So I’m gonna go back here. I’M gonna see if this one’s available best skincare alliance, I’m sure a lot of you guys are watching this video, I’m gonna try to get this domain after. So I guess it’s first-come first-serve at this point, but anyways you can see. This is available for 698 a year.

Okay, so what you need to do is type in something on YouTube right. Anything you want doesn’t have, it could be healthy foods could be like guitar lessons. I have another example for you guys here, get all the piano skills free online panel course for beginners. You can see here’s a website here, piano dot social. So if I go this website here, it’s a dead link, it’s not going anywhere, so we can check on namecheap Com, if it’s available right, if it’s available, then we can go ahead and buy it, and we can redirect that traffic to any, where we’d like right.

So here a little bit, I’m gonna show you how to do this automated, but for now let me show you how to redirect the website okay. So we see that this is a it’s a dead link right, so we go to and let’s just say, we want to buy this one right here right this best skincare lines, com we buy the domain because we know a lot of people are gonna. Go to this website, you see this videos getting thousands of views right this one right here, 56,000 views since 2012. So it’s still getting views right now and both of these links are dead right.

So we can have the same. We can buy both those domains and we can have that anyone that clicks the link redirect them 20 website right. So what I would recommend here, if, let’s just say you didn’t want to create a website, is go to a website like Clickbank and pick a product that that makes sense with the actual video right. So this is about healthy food guides right, healthy food eating. So if we go to clickbank com, we can see if there’s anything about you, know healthy food guides or something like that right and we could just go ahead and redirect them to this link here.

So, let’s just see if we can find anything here, light Botox. Let’S see diabetes freedom, this might be something good. So all we got ta do here is hit promote it doesn’t matter. You can do this on Clickbank, it really doesn’t matter. This is just a really easy way to kind of start getting some traffic right.

So what we can do is send them to this link right here right so when they click any of these website, let’s just say we buy both of them right and they click any of these. We can redirect them to this clickbank offer word. It then talks about you know healthy eating, diabetes, stuff like that right, something that would make sense with the video that were that we’re talking about here right so anyways. How do we actually do the redirects really really easy to do? All you got to do is once you buy the domain, so if we, you know you buy the domain and Namecheap for only seven dollars and then, after that, all you got to do is go to.

You know you’re gonna go to this domain list here and hit manage after you hit manage your going to hit redirect domain here and then you just add the link where you want it to go, really really easy. Okay, so in this case we would just add the link to this clickbank offer right or it could be our offer, it could be our YouTube video. It can be anything you want it to be right. This is the cool thing you you buy. The domain you own it and you redirect the traffic to where you want it to go right now.

How do we do this automated right? It’S a lot of work to actually, you know find these videos one by one. So if there’s a tool that you can do this like automated right all at once right, so it’s a tool called it’s called my traffic jacker, okay, really really cool too. I actually have a link to it in the description below it is an affiliate link. If you do choose to use this software than I do, get a commission on that, but it’s a really really cool software, because it’s gonna do this, for you on autopilot, okay, so here’s the cool thing right, so you can type something like if I go To keywords here, if I type something like you know: weight loss, right, weight, loss, foods, okay under keywords: it’s gonna give you some ideas right, so you do weight loss foods for men, weight, loss, foods, vegan, weight loss foods foot to avoid it’s gonna scan Through thousands and thousands of YouTube videos looking for these broken links, okay, now you can go ahead and hit search here and basically it’ll it’ll it’ll.

Get to this page right here create research right, so it’s gonna say: where do you want to search? I’M gonna search YouTube, but you can see there’s Wikipedia BBC Forbes medium Cora reddit. You can literally there’s infinite links out there like links that people buy and they abandon right. Maybe they just couldn’t pay for it, or maybe you know they just don’t want to do that anymore right. It doesn’t really matter.

Those links are dead right now and he can go redirect that traffic anywhere you want. You can do this as many times as you want with as many links as you can find. Okay but anyway, so, let’s just go to youtube here. Remember we want to do our keyword, which we found upload day just leaves you leave that the same relevant order. You can leave on relevance or you can do view count.

The view count will give you the highest viewed video. So that’s always a good idea, and then I always just switch this to 10. That way, it gives you the most results possible. Okay, then you hit create now. I already did this for you guys, so you don’t have to wait.

It takes a little bit too because it’s going through thousands and thousands of YouTube videos, so I did this search already for you guys, but you can see. I did healthy foods here. General search has searched through 500 videos. I found seven broken links here. Okay, now you can see that it comes up with this video here, which is the video I found for you guys.

That’S how I was able to find this very quickly the healthy food guide, video. This is the exact same video that we talked about in the beginning, and with this one you can go ahead and hit. So this one right here – chatter, a generator we can go ahead and buy that with namecheap rice. You can go here and click this here and then buy the domain right, really really easy to do. This is available.

You can buy this, for, I think six or seven dollars. You can either buy it on Namecheap or you can buy it on. I think even GoDaddy here it’s and go to go. Daddy.Com it’ll go ahead and buy that for you, okay, so either way whatever you want to use, GoDaddy Namecheap the same thing: okay, it’s the you can buy them.

I like Namecheap myself, but basically you can find you know you can buy as many as you want rights such a little investment for all this hard work. If you know YouTube, it’s really hard to get your videos ranked right. So someone may have made this video. You know back in you know back in the 2012 and you know with YouTube: it takes kind of a couple of years for your videos to start ranking this one’s starting to rank. So all these you know all these uh.

What to call these websites they abandon. That’S all the people clicking the websites to going nowhere, so you might as well buy this domain and have it go to somewhere. You want right, so it’s really really cool website here, but yeah I mean you can do this like. I said you can do this by yourself, where you just go through every single link and do it that way. I recommend just getting this softer right here, guys my traffic jacker.

It does it for you really really easy and then all you got to do is redirect it to any offer. You want right. Here’S another one right here, let’s see top five healthy foods you can see. This is also available as well. So you know there’s two free ones, so whoever watches this video is gonna get these get to buy those right away so um so yeah.

But if you guys want to learn more on how this works click. The first link in the description below is gonna. Take you to my traffic jackers that way, you can buy this off the automated software and start using this to redirect traffic and then, where you want it’s a very, very powerful software. Guys, like I said you can do this with anything right. You can do this with YouTube Wikipedia.

I know they’re adding more stuff, there’s reddit Cora, all kinds of stuff. You can search anything you want in any of those domains. It’S gonna search for those broken links, and then all I get is redirect that traffic, so hopefully that you guys can take advantage of this. This is one of the many videos that or one of my favorite videos I have done in a long time. I’M really really excited about this product.

I jumped on it right away, because this is something that you know you can generate fast, fast traffic to your offers to your affiliate offers to your own website, your Facebook group, whatever it is, right, whatever’s broken, you can go ahead and redirect us so anyways guys. I hope this video was of value to you guys if you have any questions, just shoot me a comment down below or hit me up in my Facebook group.

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