Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic The Fastest Way To Bring Traffic To Your Website: Traffic Secrets

The Fastest Way To Bring Traffic To Your Website: Traffic Secrets

Well, the iPhone selfie video continues. My wife Jennie and I, we have been self quarantined for almost two weeks now. Now, during these two weeks, we have been working hard with the team and I’ve been communicating with my team through Zoom, and working and continue to build our organization.

Now is the time to expand, now is not the time to contract, even though you are working remotely, even though we are working remotely. Besides working, there’s one thing that I’ve been doing as well, and that is to catch up on some of the reading that I’ve always wanted to do.

And there’s one book that I’ve been reading recently called “” by my good friend, Russell Brunson. Now, Russell and I, we’ve gone and we go way back. Now, you may or may not know this, but I’m actually the winner of the Comma Club X Award.

Out of the 100,000 users worldwide on Click Funnels, only 47 entrepreneurs ever won that award. Now, what does it take to win that award? To qualify for the award, it means that, you have to generate at least 10 million dollars from one single funnel.

And we’ve been able to do that with just one funnel from one of the companies. So today I want to share with you because of the book that inspires me to kind of share with you a little bit of my strategies.

What are some of the things that we have been able to do, to accomplish that, to win the Comma Club X Award? I’m not saying that you’re going to win the award, but I’m going to break it down for you, the four-step process.

Traffic strategies that we have implemented to get some pretty amazing results. Are you interested? Comment below. So step number one, you want to solidify your offer with paid traffic. You see, when it comes to generating revenue online or scaling your business on the internet, there are only two things you need to pay attention to.

Number one is your traffic, and then it’s your conversion, which is your funnel, your sales process. Everything that you do, your offer, your pricing. So you have your traffic and then you have your conversion.

Well, it’s no good to just try to if your offer doesn’t convert. Attention, traffic, eyeballs, don’t pay bills. You need to be able to have an offer that converts.

So how do you solidify your offer? First, you want to have something that actually works, then you can run some paid traffic. Doesn’t matter if it’s Instagram, Facebook, Google, depends on who you’re targeting to.

And you want to run some traffic to that offer to make sure that it actually sells, to make sure it converts visitors that’s coming in, to buyers. That’s the very first step, you need to be able to do that.

Even testing with a little bit of money, you need a little bit of money to start off with, right? Once you have solidified your offer, then step number two, you want to leverage, leverage your affiliate partner.

Now in “” Russell talks about it, which is something I do as well, it’s called a dream 100 concept. What does that mean? It means that you want to identify and find, 100 dream partners.

Those who already have the traffic, it could be an influencer, it could be a blogger, it could be YouTuber, someone who already has attention in the market place. Someone who is already talking to your ideal customers, what blogs do they read? Where do the hang out? What videos do they watch? They’re already paying attention to these influencers.

And a dream 100 concept is simply, you approach them and you say, “Hey you know what? I’ve got a proven offer here.” Right? “I am willing to pay you an affiliate commission, I’m willing to pay you a certain percentage, for every single sale that you make.

” So you leverage their existing traffic, because that’s the fastest way to do it, right? You’re essentially borrowing their traffic from them. You say, “Hey, you’ve got the audience, you’ve got the attention, I’ve got a proven offer, can we work something together?” It’s that simple.

Once you could do that, if your offer converts, and your affiliate partners, your dream 100, they’re making money, they will be more than happy to continue to promote. Now you are earning more profits, you’re earning more money.

And step number three, what you want to do now, is then focusing on your , because one of the questions there, I get it also from my fans is, “Hey Dan, I don’t have a lot of money to start off with, right? I don’t have a budget, how do I scale my revenue? How do I scale my offer?” Well, if you cannot invest money, you need to invest time, you need to invest effort.

, means that writing a blog, publishing on your own blog, writing a lot of articles, maybe, it is making YouTube videos, maybe, it’s posting on Quora or, commenting on Quora, right? Maybe, it is going on different people’s podcasts, to drive attention to your offer.

Whatever you could do to get more eye balls, to get more attention to your offer, drive traffic back to your . It doesn’t cost money, but it does take time. And you want to do both simultaneously, you’re testing paid traffic, you’re doing that, you continuing to do that, right? You’re leveraging your dream 100 partners, affiliate partners and the same time, you are creating .

You’re building up the organic traffic. This is a long game. Now this takes time, this takes consistency, and consistency trumps intensity. No good to just upload, “Hey I’m going to upload 10 videos”, no, you need continually to upload videos.

No good to just write 10 articles and you stop, no, you need to continually, write new articles, and optimize it for the search engines. So both. And number four, the earnings that you generate from paid, from affiliate partners.

You want to re-invest, their dollars, those profits, back into scaling your offer with co traffic through Facebook. There’s almost an infinite amount of traffic you can buy from Facebook and Google but it costs dollars.

So you want to continue to take that profit and that earning, re-invest back into your business, to drive more traffic. Let me give you an example, lets say that your offer, what you’re selling is 500 dollars.

And lets say you’re running ads on Facebook, and lets say it costs you 100 bucks. You’ve spent 100 dollars and it got you 100 clicks, so about a dollar per click, and you got one sale out of that, what does that mean? Right? You have to know your cost per sale number, so in this case, your cost per sale is how much? 100 dollars.

So you spend 100 dollars, you make 500 dollars, so you getting a 1 to 5 return. Now it depends on the cost of good sold, depends on how much it cost to actually manufacture and create that product, or that service, or that program.

So you’re spending a dollar, you’re getting 5 dollars back. Now you have a scalable model. Now the question is, how much are you willing to spend to get those customers? You spend a dollar you get 5 dollars back, you spend 100 you make 500, you spend 1000 you make 5000, you just continue to scale and that’s how you grow to the tens of thousands, hundred of thousands, millions, tens of millions of dollars.

I know it sounds so simple, of course there’re a lot of details in there, tweak your offer, like a lot of technical details, but those are actually the steps. Solidify your offer, leverage your dream 100, right? Continue to build your organic traffic, creating content and number four, is to scale through co traffic.

That’s it. And those are just some of the things that you could do. Now in the book, “” Russell actually talks about 20 , that you could implement today in your business to get more traffic to your business and to your offer, fast.

If you want a free copy of this book, I’m going to put a link somewhere, here or here so you could get your copy for free. So go ahead and do that. I recommend the other books as well. In fact, I’ve got this version I’ve also order a box set myself.

This is what I am reading during these self isolated times. So get your copy today.

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