Get More Traffic increase website traffic The LOPA Method For Getting Free Website Traffic

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The LOPA Method For Getting Free Website Traffic

let's talk about free website traffic right isn't that everybody's favorite topic free website traffic well there's actually a method and I'm borrowing this from the growth hacker world they have a tactic or a strategy inside of all of their strategies that they call lopa and if you want to learn more about growth hacking just go to google and type in growth hacking they've got some amazing articles or good a quick sprout com Neil patel's got an amazing ultimate guide to growth hacking and so what it is is it's these software developers they you know programmers have figured out the marketing is pretty cool and will help them sell their software more and so they bring a scientific almost an analytical approach to marketing and they've gave it a cool little nickname growth hacking so there's some great little techniques that they have and one of the one want to talk to you today about is lopa it stands for leveraging other people's audiences and one of the concepts or one of the tactics of lopa is to write a guest blog post for another blog so this other bloggers has an audience and you can leverage that person's audience by writing a blog post for them getting people to come back to your your landing page inside the guest blog post you would normally have a byline either at the bottom of the blog post or the top of the blog post where it's talking about you know hey this is a guest blog post from Justin Brooke he writes great articles over at I am scalable com whatever and then that's how you get traffic back to you so that's one way another way is to offer something in their podcast another way is in their newsletter but the whole concept of lopa is to find other audiences that would be a good fit for your product and then find a way to leverage that audience by either giving them free 10 giving them a free trial to your software a coupon to your software a great implementation of this is in the book written by Ryan Holliday on growth hacking growth hacker TV which is a commercial site a paid site for growth hackers a membership site with tons of interviews they gave Ryan Holliday a coupon to give away at the back of his book so that's one way that they were able to leverage the audience that Ryan Holliday was doing he's great at getting bestseller books so they leveraged Ryan holidays audience by giving him a coupon to put in there and that's another way that they were able to grow their audience coca-cola leverages the audience at Disney or at mcdonalds by putting their soda machines inside their stores this is leveraging other people's audiences and it's the lopa method to getting more free website traffic hey what's up thanks for watching the video if you like that you want more click the subscribe button or if you want some case studies check it out over there alright so now is the part where we just wait for them to subscribe to the video Haley do you ever find out what happened to that one guy who didn't subscribe to my videos to have a bag of chips here you don't Gary Vaynerchuk yeah he's awesome she did subscribe

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