Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic The Top 7 Easiest Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

The Top 7 Easiest Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

What’S up there seo pros welcome back today, i’m going to be talking about the top seven easiest ways to increase in 2021 and beyond, if you’re watching this at a later point before we get into it. I do want to mention that i have a bunch of free resources in the description of this video which you can go grab. There’S courses templates and a ton of other stuff that you can get for 100 free again just go ahead to the link links in the description. You can go check them out. So, let’s not waste any time.

I’M gon na get into the first seven topics, just telling you what they are and then we’ll go into each one. Now number one we’ll be talking about automating everything number two we’ll be talking about repurposing your content, omnichannel marketing number three: when we talk about free value, funnels for facebook groups and auto, asking questions, five youtube streaming, creating tips, six sticking to one topic rather than 20 And seven running ads to your free offer, so i’m going to go into each one of these right now. First, one automate everything so very important. The reason why i’m trying to make this video straightforward and to the point is the same reason why you should automate everything, and that is because your time is very valuable and the more time you spend trying to do everything yourself and working on a hundred different Tasks that you probably could be doing the less time you can be spending on the things that you actually should be doing, which are the most valuable uses of your time. For instance, this video is probably the most valuable thing that i can do for my , because nobody else can be me.

So that’s why i try to spend all my time or most of my time doing things like doing these videos. So how do you automate everything we’re actually going to go into a good amount of this in in this guide, but uh? Really you just want to think about taking whatever you do, writing it out and figuring out. Okay is what i’m doing a valuable task for me, based on whether or not i can automate this. Have somebody else.

Do it for me or have a robot do it or am i just spending my time wasting it thinking about all the different stuff? I have to do and doing that stuff myself. So a good example of this is i’ve been writing down all the different things that i do every day youtube is one of them. Facebook i build funnels, i do emails, i do uh courses, i have written content. So at a certain point i need to think about what are the things that i can do to automate my activities.

So i’m not spending as much time now. One thing that we’re going to talk about it when it comes to automation, which is tip number two, which is repurposing your content and doing omni-channel marketing. So what i recommend is, first of all figure out what you can automate versus what you should automate now. What i mean by this is don’t start going out and start and doing like tick, tock, videos and instagram and whatever you probably don’t, let’s say know about. For instance, i don’t know a whole lot about instagram, so i’m not going to go in and start trying to automate instagram.

First, i’m going to try to automate the things that i already know how to do, and so i pick about a couple channels. I pick like facebook youtube and, let’s say, , those things i know kind of how to automate, because i spent a lot of time doing them myself. If you’re not spending the time doing these yourself, then it’s kind of a bad idea to start trying to get somebody else to automate it for you, you want to again figure out what are the things that you constantly do every day and what are the things That you could get help on a good example of this is on my youtube videos. I do these live streams, so one thing that i could get help with is having these live streams edited having people share them, repurpose them into facebook posts and maybe even content for . Now the way i’m gon na have to do.

That, though, is i have to figure out what that needs to look like, so that i can hire the people to do that for me now you might not be in a position where you can have. You can hire people to do this stuff for you. If that’s the case, then you want to think about how can i just kind of maybe schedule this stuff out, so i’m not spending all my time every day doing this right now. One thing that you can do is on facebook or even on youtube. Is you can schedule out your posts so that way you could build a bunch of them in one day like, for instance, i could build this video and then i could go into my checklist and build a bunch of more content.

I actually just built a checklist. It’S actually not on my, i guess it’s not here, but um, oh uh! No, it’s not so i actually uh i’ll share it later, but um. I built a checklist with all the different videos. I need to be doing for the next like couple weeks, and that way i can.

I could, if i wanted to front load all of it and then send it to somebody to go edit all my content for me and that’s how i can kind of streamline that. But repurposing content is very, very valuable and i’m going to show you how i repurpose my own content in this video on or sorry on yeah facebook and youtube. So you can kind of get an idea on what i do on my daily in order to get more reach with my posts. But definitely if you can figure out a way – and this is something that i’m working on – maybe taking like a youtube video turning it into a facebook post, turning it into a written content, maybe turning it into like some sort of instagram thing and like whatever Tick tock, the more you can take one piece of content and repurpose it you get just more bang for your buck and even like neil patel was talking about this he’s like it’s, not that you shouldn’t be doing all this stuff. You should be doing it, but the biggest thing is that you’re not spending all of your time trying to do it yourself.

So that’s one of the things. I would really advise if you want to uh in 2021, number three free value funnel. So what you’ll see is the reason why i give away a lot of the stuff that i give away like my free track. Checklist is not because i’m just doing it because i’m just like a super nice guy, which i feel like to a certain degree. I am a nice guy, but i also do it because i get a ton of opt-ins which helps me grow my traffic.

So a good example of this is, i just came up with a new seo pricing spreadsheet that you can grab and the reason why i built this is so that you could go grab this and have you know kind of figure out your own pricing for your Company now, when you go to opt-in for this, you put your email in that helps. Me grow my traffic because it just gives me another avenue another place to repurpose my content. So, like i was saying earlier, you know if i’m growing my youtube channel, if i’m growing my facebook group, if i’m growing my email, whatever i’m growing, i want to grow multiple channels at a time. So when i give away these free value, ladders or free value funnels, where i’m just giving away checklists and courses and all the stuff that i give away for free, i get to just increase another place that i’m building traffic to and by the way. I don’t just build an opt-in through email, but also when people get the checklist, sometimes i’ll get a sale.

But what is really important is when they go to get the. Thank you page on the checklist. It also says make sure you join the facebook group, so i’m joining i’m getting an email, opt-in, i’m getting people into my facebook group and then i’m building out the other areas of what i want to market. Like my youtube channel, my my discord, channel and so on and so on, and i can do that by building out these funnels and getting a bunch of opt-ins and getting people to go and engage with that new thing. So the more free value you can give away the more value you’re gon na get back the more of an audience you’re gon na get so it’s very important to figure out a way to start taking what you’re doing.

Besides, just content like if you’re doing videos or, if you’re doing podcasts, whatever you’re doing and turn that also into a way to build opt-ins, that’s the reason why i said at the beginning of this video: hey make sure you go check out the free checklist and Everything that i put in there it’s not again, just because i’m being nice, it’s also because it helps me 10x, my traffic month over month versus i wouldn’t be able to do that. If i was just doing content alone number four is facebook groups and auto asking questions, so this is something that i’ve been beginning to automate, and i think this is very important if you can learn how to do this, just because facebook groups are extremely valuable. These days, i get tens of thousands of people reach per post and i use a very simple strategy for this. What i do is i ask a ton of questions so in my groups, you’ll see that a lot of my engagement comes from the questions that i ask and if you go into this one right here, white hat seo tips you’ll, see i’ll. Ask something like this: how much money would you need to make to feel like you’re doing?

Well, that’s 5.7 000 people reached in the last 12 hours in this one. What’S the easiest way to increase , and this is actually just framing what i’m going to be talking about in this video. So i get engagement on the topic that people are asking about or that they’re engaging on, and then i do a video on it and i post it in the group and it gets a bunch of engagement. It gets more because people are already talking about this topic, and the people who engage with me last are likely to see my next post.

So asking questions is just a really good way to get people to see the stuff that you’re going to be promoting. Like your videos, your free checklist, whatever else you want them to go to so what i do is, i will actually load up a list of questions right here. I actually have a couple different groups and i will make these questions based on keyword, research, so i’ll. Just look up some important keywords that people are looking for. One way to do this is just to use something like semrush, which uh is a keyword, research tool and it’ll.

Tell you okay! Well, you know these are all the questions. People are asking about. Seo is wix bad for seo and then i can go in here and say you know, should you should i use wix for seo and that’s all i’m doing and then i can schedule out all these questions for for the month. I’Ll actually have a va.

Probably go in and schedule all these out and then whatever ones are getting the most engagement. I can just build my video content and my checklist around the thing that people are engaging with the most because it’s pretty much proven to get reach number five youtube streaming and creating tips. So one thing that i realized that people are doing in their videos that seem to do really well is they will find a topic that they know is going to rank for something like. What’S the easiest way to increase traffic, they then create a stream for it, and then they just do tips. So streaming is very, very easy and i’m creating a new checklist by the way for youtube, which is going to actually show you how to set all this stuff up.

It’S still in the in the works. So if you’re interested in that, let me know by leaving a one in live chat right now or one in the comments, if you’re watching this afterwards, but i am going to be showing you this uh very soon, anyways uh, youtube streaming is just a way to Really get your content out there really quickly and just create like tip based posts. That’S all you have to do you take a topic. You come up with like five or six tips around it, and then you do a video on it and for some reason, if you do this every single day, it just does well like i’ve seen so many different channels blow up, because all they’re doing is taking Some topic that people are talking about, they do five or six tips around it that are pretty general. They talk about it and, for some reason, tip-based things just people like they like them, for whatever reason, every time that i do, a video that isn’t tip-based and i’m just kind of like talking about like a tutorial or i’m just showing like an over-the-shoulder training.

Never does as well as if i just put together like five or six tips and make a stream on it and again, if i can turn the stream into a an edited video which, by the way, i do have a script for auto editing. Videos that i will share in a different video, but the more editing you can put in your videos generally, the better they do as well sticking to one topic. So, as you know, from all these different posts in here and the posts that i do on my youtube channel, i try to stick to one topic as much as possible things around seo things around building traffic things around ranking on uh, google, and so the more. I can keep talking about those things, the better. My content is going to do the second.

I start talking about something that’s unrelated like, for instance like if i start talking about or things that aren’t really related to seo or building traffic. They don’t seem to do as well, so um, that’s because the people who subscribe to my pla, my youtube channel, are generally they subscribe for something like seo, and so youtube knows that, and so does the facebook, algorithms and whatever other algorithms on google they just want. You to stick to one topic, so if you’re going to be creating a channel or creating a website or creating a facebook group, make sure you just stick to one topic, the more you start to again get away from that main topic, the worse you’re going to Do and the last thing is running ads to your free offers. So what i do is i pay people to run ads to the things that i’m trying to grow like these free checklists like this one, and it’s just going to expedite me getting more people in my funnel and in my email list and again, if you can Take these spreadsheets and do upsells in them so that people are buying your stuff as well. You can kind of pay for the ad cost and counterbalance all of the um, the free, the people that are just going to get your free stuff, and that way you can really just build a huge list and use that list as a way to start building.

People who are interested in your products, your services or your affiliate offers that you might be getting so anyways uh. Last thing i just want to add, as a bonus tip by the way is just to be straightforward and to the point, i’ve pretty much figured out. The more time i waste the more time, i’m just like kind of sitting there and trying to explain something like in trying to draw it out just for the sake of content, people don’t really care. People want you to be straightforward. They want you to be to the point and they just want to get the information quickly, so they can go on and move on with their day, so that’s it for today.

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