Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Three most basic SEO tips to increase website traffic

Three most basic SEO tips to increase website traffic

Hi guys, I hope you’re all staying safe and well during the lockdown period of the covert 19 pandemic. Let’s. Talk about three that will help you with your website today, number one which is a pretty basic one.

Most WordPress operators are are familiar with this, but you may not be so. I’ll mention it today. It’s. The Yoast plug-in there’s, a free version and also a premium version. The free version is totally fine to get started with and what it will do.

It will allow you to set your focus keyword, phrase and your Meta Description, and what that means is when your Google listing shows up on the Google search results, you can tell Google what you’d like to show there being the Meta Description.

Now. The focused keyword is something like: if you’re selling shoes, you’ll, put shoes into the focus keyword. You will suggest to Google the the keyword content of that particular page or post. Now. The premium ghost version has more than one focus, keyword or phrase.

You can put multiple focus keywords or phrases in there. It is definitely worth its money, and I do suggest that you install the your premium. Is hero plug-in on your WordPress site. Today, number two blog posts: now I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but blog posts essential with helping with your .

Now, when someone comes to us for SEO work and we do an SEO audit, the first thing we usually find is there is not nearly enough blog posts on their . Now you may have a web site. That is like a brochure style web site.

That is not really a content driven , but it’s religious there to showcase your . That’s. Fine, but I still suggest that you consider putting a blog section on your , write about articles that you are an authority on, and Google will recognize that your is offering content of value and it will rank you higher now.

What you can also do is you can sprinkle keywords throughout the blog posts. So what you would do you would go to something like the Google Keyword, search tool and search for keywords that are relative to your topic.

Okay, it’s, pretty easy to do now. You would grab those top 10 keywords and sprinkle them throughout your blog that then, when Google spiders are calling a website, they were recognized that you are offering up the keywords that are relative to the topic.

You’re talking about and they will rank your site higher, therefore, increasing your SEO score, and that brings us to number three providing valuable and free content. Now this can be in the form of blog posts, which we ‘

Ve just talked about, but it can also be in the form of video or combination of the two. Now what Google has been recognizing in the last couple of years is websites that offer a content offer of thority of content free of charge.

So, of course, that means blog post, but it can mean video as well, so it’s very important guys that you take the time each week or each month to populate your website with valuable content that is going to help people who are reading About the type of content that you are offering up, so let’s.

Talk about a dental clinic, for example. If you’re operating a dental clinic, you might talk about root, canals or wisdom teeth, or something like that. You would write an article on wisdom, teeth and do a short video and put the two together and put it on your website and away you go now.

I would advise 3,000 words or more. I know that sounds like a lot to write. If you can’t do 3,000 at least to do one or two thousand. Three thousand words is better. It has been proven that Google prefers long-form articles so guys.

I hope those three have helped you with your today. If you need any more help, please reach out by the link above or below thanks very much and stay safe, bye, [, Music, ]

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