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Top 10 Ways To Increase Amazon Sales, Traffic, and Rankings | SellerCon

How would you like to learn my top ten ways for getting increases in ranking and this year for your products on Amazon, Then watch the video that I’m about to show you where I spoke to over 3000 people live in Las Vegas, sharing this presentation that They all pay, they get access to You’re, getting it right now for free, so be sure to take notes, watch the presentation and I’ll be back right after Today, we’re going to talk about you know ten ways: you can increase your , your rankings and your sales on Amazon and the really cool thing about these is that all these tactics are tactics that are working right now, they’re, not old tactics that we’re working. One point I’m no longer working some of these have been around for a while, but I don’t think anyone’s really looked at them again. I looked at them in a different way, but you can take these tactics knowing that they’re working right now and use them for your business and they’re good for anyone they can be used by someone who’s just starting off this business right now.

You launch your first product, you could be a million dollar seller and use these or some of these you could be a brand new person who doesn’t have a product yet, and you can start planning and implementing these summer right now, and in addition to that, you Can go back to your hotel room just like Matt was talking about and start working on these right away. That’S actually rich Henderson’s feet right.

There I’d recognize those anywhere I’ve seen him far too many times. He is either working on his Amazon business or he’s binging Game of Thrones. He has a thing for the Dragon Queen, or at least he did spoiler alert. Sorry about that, but yeah. These are all things that you can actually go there and start implementing.

At least most them and I’ll kind of point out, which ones you can now it’s hard to think back to like 14 months ago, we’re in a room just like this in Orlando Florida, and we were talking about the latest strategies. You know for what’s working and launching and ranking your products you’re also talking about Gmail ads, we’re talking about electronic billboards, we’re talking about tabula and Outbrain, and others and strategies like that as well – and one thing I realize is that during that time that was, I Believe April of 2018, there was a huge huge rumor going around inside the Amazon community, and that rumor was that Amazon launches we’re dead, completely dead. You know so Amazon. I just went through a some kind of algorithm change like they do. You know at least twice a year.

Some people were getting really bad results, their launches some people getting no results at all, so was the fish Amazon launches were officially dead. There’S no longer any reason. You can go out there and start a business and get product ranking because it just doesn’t work anymore, so people started shipping. Their products back to China gave up their business, but you know what’s interesting. Is that just about a month ago, we also her learned something else: new launches are dead again right.

You know, and I use a little bit of sarcasm my voice here, because launch is really aren’t dead. They will never be dead as long as there’s e-commerce. As long as there’s products out there to sell people are always gon na be launching products, but what we have to do is we do need to learn how to adapt. I never tried a fancy graphic like damn glad actually work. This time is kind of cool.

We need to adapt. How are you launch our products, because Amazon’s gon na keep changing the business? Is gon na keep changing. Other models come out there that want to take advantage of, and it doesn’t mean that we can do the exact same thing. Every day Ryan talked about that there.

You can’t just assume that you’re gon na launch a product sit back and it’s gon na do the same sales every single day for the rest of your and business career. That doesn’t happen. But when things like this do happen, when strategies change, what we need to do is give Amazon what Amazon wants? That’S how you adapt and if we’re starting off selling on Amazon, let’s face it. It is the best platform right now for all of us to get selling on it’s the easiest.

It’S the fastest way to scale your business, well, we’re playing by Amazon’s rules, and so more and more. We need to make sure that we give them what they want and what Amazon wants right now they want to grow their advertising business. Now I originally was not even gon na talk about launching anymore, but I’m gon na share still ten other tactics that are great for getting sales, but I’ve seen and heard so many people struggling with launching that I want to make sure I included it in this Presentation, because when you have thousands of people watching or attending it’s a great way to get this message across so that someone can’t say: oh my god, I didn’t know how to do this. I totally forgot I’m giving up this business. The worst thing for me right now is hear someone struggling and saying that they’re, just gon na give you this business up, because I’ve seen in my own personal life I seen on my friends and family and the mentors some other people.

I’Ve seen this business can do for you, so I want to make sure everyone knows exactly what is working right now and right now. Amazon wants to grow their advertising business, so we’re gon na help feed that machine for them and Amazon is willing to reward us. For that I mean they’ve seen exactly what can do far as advertising goes. What Facebook can do? Advertising revenue for and Facebook still Dwarfs Amazon, but last year Amazon did 10 billion dollars just using their advertising platform.

That’S pretty insane! If you think about it. Cuz Amazon really start off with a book company. They got into you, know a fulfillment company and now they’re getting into advertising. I tell you what Amazon is set up to rock the advertising world, they own the advertising platform, they hold the fulfillment network, they have more better, bigger, faster warehouses all over the world than anyone else.

So if they can tie those two things together for us, they’re going to just completely crush it even more than already doing, and so we’re gon na do we’re gon na take advantage of Amazon’s advertising and now what I want to do is kind of say: how Do we do that? Let’S get down to some tactics, because we’re gon na talk about a lot of big strategies. I kept a lot of inspiration say this. One is exactly that’s working today. So, first you want to focus on Amazon’s advertising , and some of this may not be.

You know new to all of you guys, but I want to be sure, reinforces you simply launch your product using Amazon’s sponsored Product Ads and now the cool thing about that. We talked you know, learn from Ryan about you need to figure out who are your audiences. It is awesome to go out there and build an Instagram audience and build a Facebook audience, build a YouTube audience. Those strategies absolutely work, but another way to also find your audience is to connect to the people that are searching for products on Amazon who better who’s your better audience and someone going to a product. You know to Amazon like this and searching for a Bluetooth speaker.

If someone’s on Amazon searching for Bluetooth speakers, chances are they’re a part of your audience as well, so we’re gon na go out there and use Amazon sponsored Product Ads to do that, and then we’re also gon na target the keywords that you want to rank for Then you need to incentivize those people like Ryan was talking about as well. You need to give them a reason to buy now to buy early so early. You know we’re gon na give them a big discount. Now we’re not gon na go crazy. We’Re not gon na go like 90 percent off anymore.

I never do that and I go to 70 % or 6 %. I just feel like 50 %, maybe a little lower give them a nice incentive, use a coupon and then once you started getting some sales there we’re also gon na kick in your auto campaigns, set up some seller. You know sponsor product ad campaigns using broad match, but when I talk about broad match, if I were to go out there and sell these Bluetooth speakers, the main keyword, I’ve got that are broad match would just be blue to speaker, and then you will find all Other kinds of keywords that people are searching for every couple weeks and gon na mine that I’m gon na keep figuring out exactly what people are searching for and keep adding them adding to our campaign. This process can just be repeated, you know, but the only there’s one thing you have to have: there’s one constant in this business. You have to have a good product and you have to have a great listing as well.

If you don’t have that, I think pretty much everything you’ll be learning here is gon na, be a struggle for you, so make sure that you can actually focus on product quality, focus on customer service and focus on having a really good listing that converts its best. You possibly can everyone talked about that as well, so you know when it comes to launching in 2019 there’s more than just Amazon sponsored ads and, like I said, we’re gon na talk about strategies that people who only have access to sponsored ads can use, but I’m Gon na talk about a few Pro tips here too, because there’s a lot of people here. If you look around here, chances are on the road that you’re at there’s, someone selling a million dollars plus year – maybe ten million dollars. So I want to try to reach to some of those people as well, so who here has ever used Amazon services. You guys remember that for a long time ago, see that yep now Amazon has updated their seller central .

Now, where you get a lot of those tools inside of your seller central account, we can use headline search ads and become a product display ads pretty soon. You can build your stores now inside of South Central all things that used to only be available to the larger vendors that were out there, but there was a loophole for about a year, and some of us here may have access that loophole on one of them. You’Re actually able to get access to AMS and if you’re one of the people who still have access to a mess, you can still use we’re called these 2-step URLs. Now we may have heard recently that these URLs becoming a little bit risky, especially for newer sellers. But if you are an Amazon services member, you can go out there and use your headline search ads or sponsor brands to go out there and use a two-step URL.

So right here this is the AMS advertising menu again, if you don’t have access to this, don’t worry about this. It’S just for the few people that do out here. That’S probably probably a couple hundred still have that, but they forgotten about it. You create a sponsored ads campaign and then here’s one thing you will not see inside of your seller central count only here. It’S that custom URL, no one is using that.

No one hardly an was using that that custom URL, it’s very you know, seems pretty innocuous. What they’re calling their what it is? You can use a two-step URL for your brand search. So if you still have access – and you still want to go out there and safely get targeted or ranking for your keywords, go back to your old AMS account reactivated. If you have used in a while create a headline search ad or the coaming sponsored brands now and then use that right there to rank for any key, whether you want to it’s one of those little tricks, you have apps access to, you can use now.

Another thing that we talking about and I’m not going to talk a lot about this day, he’s using mini chat or any other chat bot that’s out there because chat bots are now quickly becoming the new ranking and launching platform out there. Now again, you don’t have to use these, but everyone has access to them. Many chat is pretty much the gold standard as far as chat BOTS go seller chat pots, another one I think, actually created by some people that might be in this room right here. These chat pots can be great because not only do they help, you really drive targeted sales when you launch your product, but they also help you build a list. So if you want to build an audience of your raving customer fans that you can launch more products to in the future, many chat works like anything like nothing else out there we’ve seen open rates on mini chat, go above 80 % and operate is simply if You send out a hundred messages, how many people actually open it an email, you’re lucky to get.

You know: 5, 10, 15, 20 %. Many chat and master BOTS are insane because people are always connected. I see a lot of feel connected right now to the phones. I mean you forget a message right now from someone chances are you’re going to check it at some point very quickly that day. So this is something that anyone can start getting set up right now you don’t need a product.

You can. Actually, you know just build your brand page and get a list created right now, we’ll talk about how to do that in a little bit. I just want to mention the launching ways that people are really getting the best results right now, because I seem to many people fail now, if you want to know some really deep, diving tactics into launching check your phone, that’s a screenshot of the app app today Matter I talked about them. I know for a fact that we have a great launching discussion in one of the breakout rooms today. I also know that someone else at the same time we’ll be talking about going out there and using sponsored ads as well to go even a level above what we just talked about, and I think rich now I’ll be talking a little bit on at a bootcamp Tent style about you know how to kind of revisit the whole launching process, but if you want to learn more about launching you’re in the right place to do that today.

Now that was not the tact I want to talk about one of the tax. I might talk about is getting ready for mobile sales, because mobile is here, it’s been growing by leaps and bounds every single year and as of right now, up to 40 % of everyone buying on Amazon is doing that on mobile and that’s on their phones. Right now, when you get up to the holiday season, that number can get even bigger and we expect that number to continue to grow now. The reason why this is important to us – and I did not think about this – probably like two or three months ago – is that the Amazon Desktop Search anyone buying on Amazon. It does not look the same, nor does it behave the same as ants on mobile.

This doesn’t mean we need to go out there and recreate and redo everything, but we need to be aware of it, so we can adapt and adjust. Take a look at the screen right here. This is a you know it a typical search on Amazon using a desktop we’ve all seen this a thousand times. There’S those really cool, Bluetooth, headphones, you’ll notice that the picture is still front and center, one of the most important things to have out there. That’S a great looking picture: they’ve had a little lightning bolt to it.

They have a pretty good title, that’s still very prominent, then you also see the bullet points or we call the features and benefits. Those are all still right there on the desktop version. Now, if we pull up the mobile version, you can go to this brought right now. You’Ll see this exactly as are shown right here you still see, the picture is very prominent. It’S probably even more prominent takes up about half the real estate on there, and then you have the title, maybe a little bit more important, because it’s now pushed to the very top.

It’S the first thing someone sees, but what you don’t see on the phone when you’re searching products on the Amazon mobile app. You don’t see those bullet points at all anymore, so we’ve all been taught and we’re one of the ones teaching it that bullet points. One of the most important features of RAM as I’m listening, and they still are, I’m not gon na just you know, disagree with that any more. However, when it comes to being mobile, people don’t even see those bullet points too much later down the shopping process, and if anything, the price is more prominent as well, it’s bigger than it is over on the desktop version. So most people now are gon na be brought in by the image, maybe by the title and more price sensitive.

So speaking of where those bullet points are, if here’s that first screen on the mobile search for that product, you need to scroll down a little bit and then you would see the product description and then, after that, the very last thing. Those are those features and details are the points and, if you’re paying attention, it’s completely switched around so on the desktop version. Bullet points are for our front and center on the mobile. It’S the last thing. Most people do not even get to them, and this is true for enhanced brand content as well.

Your product details and your hands – Frank content, they’re gon na be up near the top making that more important than ever. Now, what under you do, if I’d have told you, I kind of showed you what it looks like you know: what’s not miss, what’s not there what’s missing, you probably wan na know what Mike, how the heck do. I actually take action on this and it’s pretty basic, so the first thing you want to do is make sure your primary image is the best it can possibly be. I know this is not an advanced tactic, but we need to refocus on it because on desktop, everyone sees all the other images lined up your first ones, still the most important, but they all know they can go see other ones on mobile, it’s even more important. It’S taken up, half your screen and people, don’t intuitively know they need to swipe to go the other ones.

So your image is more important than ever. Also, you don’t want to have a spammy title. As a matter of fact, you don’t want to have one anytime. After July 22nd, because if anyone was paying attention to their settle a central account this week, they just made this announcement a few days ago, starting July 22nd, Amazon is going to be suppressing any product listings that do not have titles that meet their requirements. This is a really big deal.

I hopped into the forums one time don’t ever go there. The seller forms on Amazon. It is a scary, scary, place. People were really scared to death about this. This one article all it says, is this: it says that Amazon is going to enforce a rule, that’s been in place forever.

They have certain title lengths. They have certain formats that want you to follow. They want to make sure you don’t make any huge claims on your product that aren’t substantiated or shouldn’t be in the title, they’re just saying they’re going to enforce this. There were maybe a hundred upvotes of this, and almost a thousand people down voting this because they thought it was such a terrible thing to do for Amazon to enforce their own rule. All we need to know is that just make sure your titles are in place because come July 22nd I guarantee, what’s gon na happen, I’m gon na wake up that morning, I’m gon na go into Facebook and I’m gon na see.

Hundreds of people saying my product is no longer listed. Hopefully everyone here won’t have that issue, because you’ll know that your product is not going to be indexed or suppressed. As a matter of fact, what’ll probably happen if you think about all the people that aren’t here, all the people aren’t paying attention. They’Re gon na have their products take a search. I bet you a lot of people here.

Receipt increases in sales because of that by default, we’re all gon na start moving up past. All those are the products that are in game in the system using spammy titles and violating rules. This is a good reason to give a Maz on what they want now. Also, the last thing you want to do is you want to take make sure that your product description, which we’ve always taught you I’m one of the ones I’ve been teaching this? It’S probably the least important thing on your listing, not that it’s not important, but it’s not the one you need to focus on.

We’Ve always said focus on your pictures focused on your title. Focus on your bullet points then go focus on your back end search terms and then, if you have time, let’s get to your description well now more important because on mobile people going to see that very very quickly, including with enhance brand content. So what we want? You to do is make sure that you take your one, two or three best bullet points, the ones that really on desktop sell your product, people read the title and they read that first bullet points gon na solve every single problem. They have make sure you include it at the top of your description and they, then people who are on mobile, they’re gon na see that right away too.

That will make sure you help increase more sales and conversions. When you make these changes and people start shopping more on mobile now, also keeping in mind, they said, enhance brand content is fully applicable to that too. You need to make sure those all have maybe a good picture even of your features and benefit at the top. Now, who here remembers Cambridge analytical, not a lot of people? If you didn’t know they’re the Antichrist, you didn’t know that now they are, they are really really really evil people.

They are horrible people, but do we know? Why? Is it because they worked with the Russians to help throw an election? Some people think that I’m not gon na take a side here, I’m here to make money. Is it because they may have sold all of our data on Facebook to people just looking to mine?

All of our personal details – they may have done stuff like that, but the real reason why I don’t like them is because they shut down chat BOTS for a while. So we just got done talking about chat. Bots are becoming one of the new platforms for launching your products and getting and reuse and get all kinds of things, but last year, when we were speaking in Orlando, anyone who didn’t already have an account set up with a chat bot. You could not get it. Facebook shut it down, there’s a terrible scandal.

The news Cambridge was out there. They were closing their business down, they’re no longer around anymore and Facebook couldn’t take any more bad press. So they said this new platform. We’Re launching that people already feel a little scary about because it kind of intrude on your privacy we’re gon na, take it offline, so no one get in there. However, today chat bots are alive and the really great thing about that is there’s so many things that these things can do for you.

They can get your targeted sales during launches. Think about what Ryan was talking about. You build a mini chat list and you launch a product. It is easy to get people to want to buy that product, especially forgive them a discount or some kind of incentive. You don’t got to go crazy.

Also. You can build that list of people that you continue to launch and you’re launching to more and more as you get your second third fifth product you have a built in raving fan base that you can easily access so much more easier than using a customer email List and also they can help drive reviews. Now. Everyone here wants more reviews. It’S one of the bigger struggles we’re facing it’s, not something that is terrible, a catastrophe.

If you’re trying to sell on Amazon, they can no longer get reviews as easily. For me, it’s more they’re finally cleaning it up. I would rather have it be a little harder to get an authentic. Genuine review then face a competitor, but when I wake up the next day has 500 reviews with two different words in the reviews, because it has nothing to the product. This is one way that you can go out there and actually reach people you if we all try to email customers using our Amazon seller central account.

We all get these messages every single day. This message could not be delivered because that customer no longer wants to receive any emails from Amazon. Totally fine chatbots can do that. We’Re not going out there and mining for anyone’s email addresses you’re going out there and building your customer and audience base first you’re. Creating a Facebook page you’re asking them to reach out to you, you’re asking them if it’s okay, that they message you in the future or you message them in the future and share new products, make them the first in line by doing this.

Now you can do about a million or a thousand of things with chatbots. I don’t have time to go into that, but I know that if Paul Behrens here he’s gon na be speaking a little bit today on chatbots, we have a couple of people that are experts as well. There are entire courses on chatbots, but what i want to teach you today is what you can do with them right now and today very very easily. So here’s the dead, simple strategy – you simply go out after you’ve, created your first facebook page and you create a very simple post and just ask people who wants to save 20 % right now on a product. It can be 20, it can be 15, it can be 50.

Whatever you want. I don’t like to go crazy like to make it authentic. Sometimes too, big of discounts make people think your products cheap, just ask them. Who wants that and ask them to comment below? Then, once they comment, you want to create a simple, auto response.

All it does reply to them. Thank you for being one of our fans and customers. Here’S your coupon and ask them. Are you okay? If we send you future coupons and deals as well?

Almost everyone is gon na say: yes, some won’t those people don’t want to get message from you. That’S okay, you don’t want them. Anyway, they get their coupon. That’S awesome, they’re good buy a product. Then you simply boost that post because, let’s face it, just making a post into Facebook page anymore doesn’t really get the attention it used to.

But you can spend ten dollars for a few days boost in this poche post and you will get 50 hundred. Maybe a couple hundred people wanting that coupon and joining your list. It really is as easy as that. There’S a whole nother slew of world out there. We can go up and create really complicated chat, bot routines.

If you do this simple one right here, it’s gon na help you launch your product, not be keep in mind. You also wan na make sure you follow any kind of chatbot rules. Again. Facebook is still kind of gun-shy. They want to make sure you’re not going out there and spamming people with offers.

All the time make sure you read up on what to do, especially using mini chat, it’ll guide you down the right path, pretty much. They just want to make sure that you are not violating the customers, trust you’re, not intruding, on them, sending the messages they don’t want. If you follow the basic rules, then you’ll be just fine now this strategy, I love because this strategy is guaranteed to save you. Three thousand four and twenty one dollars and eighty four cents. You don’t believe me, okay, maybe I should phrase that it would have saved me $ 3,400, 84 cents.

If I had followed it myself, you know one of the reasons why I love this business. Is I love sharing things all the time and today I’m gon na share with you something called learning from Mike’s mistakes yep that little duck so every day I wake up. I check my Amazon account still, even though I have people helping me now. I still get very much into the details of this business. I love it I’ll, never get away from it as much as I’d like to say that at some point only sitting the chair, just investing businesses and just letting up here run them.

I still am actively involved in every single Amazon business that I have, and I remember around Christmas time I woke up – and I saw this show up inside my seller central account inside my Amazon advertising menu. You know we have the normal sponsor products. We have the sponsor brands because I’m brand registered then I saw this. It’S called sponsored display and a really cool thing that got my attention was the word beta. Next to it, beta is very, very special.

It makes you feel special, so I had to click on it right away, and then I realized very quickly. The definition of beta definition is: let Mike spend all of his money testing out crap. While Amazon gets it right. You know what it actually works for Amazon, not for me, but it does work. So I immediately went and said: okay, I’m gon na create this campaign.

You got sponsor displays by the way the sponsor displays its retargeting. All of us have seen it. If you go. Look on Amazon right now and then you hop on over to Facebook. Your hop on to a new site you’ll see the product.

You were just looking at on Amazon, because Amazon does all kinds of retardant for you now they’re, giving you the benefit of paying for yourself, and so I went in there and I decided I ain’t gon na go out there. I’M gon na test this out. I’M gon na teach this awesome strategy the next Selleck on, because I want people to really learn how to run their own display ads. I know retard you works and trust me. It really really does so.

I went in there. I created this one to help my products into it. I didn’t really know how to do it. I created my first little. A group called definitely gon na sell these products this time, and then I kicked off this.

You know sponsor display beta test and then here’s what happened. Yeah horrible spent over three thousand dollars. I made about twenty five hundred dollars in sales, terrible a cost one in a thirty seven percent. This doesn’t take into account the money I lost in the product of filmer costs. I might be able to swallow one hundred thirty plus percent a costs, if I’m using keywords inside of sponsored ads, which we talked about.

So if I know that I’m targeting Bluetooth, speaker or a Bluetooth headphones and I’m paying a little bit more, I might be able to swallow that mount on these canons, but for product display ads. There’S no keyword targeting here at all. It’S just people looking your products and other websites clicking on it and then, in my case, not buying, so this didn’t work. I turn these off probably end of March, maybe April’s like that a few days ago, getting excited again about coming to Selleck on thinking. Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe I just did something wrong. I kicked them off again three days ago June 18th. Look at that zero sales, as I’m sitting here today, I’m an idiot because they’re still running, I got ta go turn these off after lunch. Wasn’T like that. I was really hoping this would work for you, but let’s turn it back around.

So here is my $ 3,000 plus device. You know the best way to sponsor display ads. Don’T do not use them, that is at least until Amazon improves them or until you’re. Here in this group and a safe place with other people where we can actually test these out and figure how to work it, I did try a lot of things right now. Amazon just does not give you a lot of control over this.

You can’t control what websites your ads do or don’t show up on, because that means that I’m just going out there and showing and paying for these ads all over the internet without any kind of visibility into who. My customer, who my audience might be so until that happens, I would stay away from them. Don’T get excited about that little beta thing popping up all right now, it’s time for a little hacking trip. I always love sharing these and I am going to give a shout out to the mentors right here. I love you guys.

You guys were totally awesome because they helped validate a lot of these things that we test out. They also helped share a lot of things that I get to share with people as well, and this is one that we all talked about in the group. So we’ve all seen this before this is one of my products right there. The list price is $ 49.99.

The price right now is 44 97. I have that strikethrough price. I also have Amazon’s choice badge for rich Henderson’s favorite product. I don’t know how I got there, maybe a little photoshopping, but if you want to do this, here’s the one strategy. I’Ve seen a lot of strategies out there.

None of the other ones have worked for us consistently. This is what actually seems to work most the time first get rid of your sales price. Let’S face it, we all do that. We all have our MSRP. We all have our offer price and then we all keep our sales prices running like their debt forever and definitely get rid of the sales price for a while then actually make your price.

Your offer price the same as your MSRP and if you need to lower your MSRP to do that, go ahead, you don’t got to raise your product up to $ 100. Just make sure that your MSRP inside your listening and your offer price are the exact same thing. Now this parts a little bit harder. You got to drive some sales, then you to get some sales over a week or two in order to make this work. A little cool thing that can help is that you can still use discounts and coupons.

So, even though I’ve raised the price, I can still use a 50 % off coupon and that counts for this tactic as a full price sale at my price that I’m selling it at then what happens after 1 or 2 weeks? You can go ahead and create that sales price again and there’s a very good possibility that you will get that strikethrough price now I know that of the seven or eight people that we’ve been talking about it. Five of us have seen this work. A couple of them happen, which you know mismo things like. How often does it work?

It actually works, sixty percent of the time all the time. So I love I use that one like two years ago and it’s one of my favorite ones of all times. So try it out if it doesn’t work for you, I’m really sorry, it is kind of category-specific, but this is the only known way that I’ve ever seen the strikethrough pricing to come back pretty consistently a little over half the time. All right now we’re gon na talk about an easy win and of all the things that I’m talking about. This is one that I’m actually most excited about, even though it’s pretty boring, it’s the Amazon business seller program.

This is the b2b central and if you go in there and look at it, if you’ve been invited to the business program, if you haven’t been, you can sign up for it voluntarily. You don’t have to be invited, but we can invite a long time ago and they’ll tell you all these reasons why you want to sign up as a business first to see it free and easy. You can offer business pricing and quantity discounts. You can also give business only offers to other buyers out that are registered as businesses. You get access to some enhanced content.

Like think about uploading, your instruction manuals, uploading, MSDS material safety data sheets to your listings. You can also claim business credentials like if you’re a small business owner, if you are a minority business owner female business owner or a veteran business owner, you can put those on your seller profile and you can also go out there and create this seller profile. That has a lot more on it like a big logo, and it has some information about when your business started off how many employees, you have all kinds of things that all you know is a really cool feature of people looking at your business profile, and then You get all kinds of reporting as well and I’ll show you some of the reporting. That’S just boring itself. Those are not the real reasons you want to do this.

The real reason you want to sign up for the Amazon business program, although it’s free and easy to do it’s, because if you do that, things like this can happen, look at the date. One week ago, June 13th, I made a sale using the business program. This is a verified business customer and that sale on one order was 250 units for almost nine thousand dollars in sales. Had I not went through the five minutes to set up my business profile, I would have missed out on this sale. It literally took me five minutes to set up and make sure that everything in there now granted.

I do not get sales like this every single day every single week, I’m not trying to make that back claim, but I do get business sales every single month. It’S a great program to be in if you’re not doing it you’re missing out on free sales. This does not take much time at all. You want to go out there. You want to fill out everything possible.

So here’s how you do that you want to go out there and you want to register as an Amazon business. If you don’t know how to do that, I haven’t already I’ll give you a link in a second. You also want to fill out every single detail possible. Just go through the list. They’Re gon na show you all the five categories to fill it out, fill in everything that you have, then you also want apply for any certifications.

If you are a female and you’re owning your business, you are a female in business if you’re minority, if you are of that trend, if you’re a small business area go out there and apply for those certifications, put them on to your business profile, because there are Companies out there that are adamant about only supporting certain businesses and you don’t want to miss an opportunity. If that’s the case, then you also want to set up your business discount pricing and I’m pretty sure, that’s what got me this sale and I’ll show you exactly how to do it as well. If you need to sign up that you’ll get the slides least there’s the link right there. So the central dock, amazon Com business, slash b2b registration, it’s that simple. I actually found that in the help file of seller central as well yeah, you can do that and they’ll.

Take you right there. Now, when it comes to set of your business pricing, you’ll see a screen like this that just lets you go through. Every single product set up your business pricing. This is different from quantity discounts that we all have access to. This is just for your business, but this is a simple way to do it.

I like offering five percent with the bike between two and five products, then up to ten percent when they get five to ten fifteen for ten to 15 and then 20 percent off. If they buy more than twenty-five products, that seems to work, you don’t have to do the same thing. That’S just what works for me. Another really cool thing about Amazon business. Look at this graph right here.

This tells me who’s buying my products. Governments are buying my products, commercial, regular businesses, who are you know, official businesses in education who I sold those products to it was a County government inside of Wisconsin Iowa share the name of it, because I feels kind of read about that. But County government bought turn 50 units, my products now I know with this information, I’m gon na go out there and find more counties. It’S just the natural thing to do. You may find something different.

This tells you who your audience already is now. I also want to talk about some Amazon influencers and I call these built-in Amazon influencers. There are other people that are going to way more detail during this time here, but I want to talk about a real dead, simple, easy way to do it now, if you’re wondering who these influencers are they make you think it’s these people Mark Cuban make Census. You know a very attractive woman in the studio and those people are helping support the Amazon influencer program, but in reality this is who they are. That’S a listing of Facebook groups trying to sell, coupons and giveaway coupons.

I’M a member of the top one sales, a holics, the person who runs that may be here. I don’t even know, there’s like three or four other groups. There are dozens of Facebook groups out there. All they focus on is sharing discounts that are set up by you know, set up and share with Amazon influencers. Basically, the influencer program is a part of the Amazon Associates Program.

It’S our Pharrell program that helps you share your products with other people and get Commission, and these people get any Commission. So what they do is they go out there. They find the best deals and every day, they’re posting about them. Now another situation might be a review site like best reviews, is very, very popular. There are thousands of these out there.

If you ever go out there and you find site that, let’s talk about, you know the ten fastest. You know backpacks out, there are the 10 best lanterns out there chances are it’s someone who’s, making a commission off those sales and that’s totally fine. Because do I really care who it is? No, I just want to make sure that they’re Hawking my wares for me as much as they possibly can now. How you do this, and maybe seen this before, is you want to go in and create a social media promo code?

And then, when you get to the screen, we are actually going to be setting up the discount, make sure you have this box checked and if you want to read with that box means it’s right there. All it says, is Amazon, saying we’re gon na share this with our influencers. Are you okay with that and if I’m offering a discount on a product that I really want a lot of people get? I say yes, because this is what shows up. This is a list of all of the discounts that are going on that very day, there’s actually thousands I just took a little screenshot of this.

This is inside of Amazon associates that they’re seen, and the reason that I like doing this for two reasons: one. If I want to share a specific discount with people, think 23 percent off I create this, give them a link, that’s an easy way to do it, but, more importantly, if I want to liquidate inventory, think 70 % or higher. This is a great way to get your sales viral in order to clear it now, one quick tip, if you actually want to go out there and liquidate inventory, not lose your money. Raise your price then create a 70 % social media coupon to share with people you’ll get a lot of people to share it and they think they’re getting 70 % off which they are, but you’ll just build a cleaner inventory and hopefully not lose money. Now quick little bonus thing who hears me selling on prime day awesome alright, so I don’t you saw this yesterday on the plane, saw this people always ask: how do I get invited to prime day Lightning Deals or deals of the day if you missed out on That it’s totally fine, because you can create prime exclusive discounts now inside of your seller.

Central account. If you saw this message, come up, go to your advertising, menu go to the prime exclusive discounts menu and you can set these up yourself. It’S pretty simple! You! You go through you create which products you’re going to actually offer as a discount you’ll go through and you’ll actually upload a spreadsheet of what those products are.

Don’T be afraid of it. It’S not that complicated. They give you a template, so I’m gon na put all of our products under this. I have had a chance to do that been a little busy. Last 24 hours put all your products in here by SKU.

What the percentage discount is with the lowest price you’re willing to sell it at, and then you upload it and then you’re done. If you need instructions, they actually have that in the template there. That will help you go out there and figure out how to do this. You have to do this by July 5th, so we’re like two weeks away be sure everyone here who’s selling on Amazon. Does this before July 5th.

You will make a lot more sales on Amazon’s Prime Day coming up all right, a quick little pause here, because everything that I share with you right now. It’S pretty much applicable to anyone in this room where God’s, where you’re at. But I want to talk a little bit more about some more advanced strategies, and so these things may have some requirements and I’ll talk about those. So if anyone’s actually shopping on are selling on Shopify right now, I can almost guarantee that you are losing money and I’ll. Tell you why I did a test for the past three months.

I ran a radio ad campaign and say Louis Missouri. I want to see how these work for me, I’m always testing out new things and be honest. I love sharing these things with you. That’S part of the reason why I do this. It’S also a business write-off, I’m not gon na deny, but I love testing out new things.

So I ran a campaign for three months using a local radio. Each week I gave people the option of getting a discount either on my website or on Amazon. So I gave them a discount code or I gave them a link or if they went there took them straight to a social media promo code and then at the end of that test. Here were those results, so I made eight thousand seventy-five thousand dollars in sales. A little almost you know eighty five hundred sales profit of of twelve hundred and look at this, though seventy-six percent of my sales money-wise went to Amazon.

So when I gave people the complete option where they wanted to shop on the radio, three-fourths of them wanted to go to Amazon it actually the numbers higher, that’s looking at the sales, if I did the math looking at the orders, if I divided four hundred thirty One orders by four and eighty four: it’s closer to ninety percent, so people love shopping on Amazon, don’t not to say you’ll, never want to shop on our cell on your own website. But right now just keep in mind. People, love Amazon and that’s not gon. Na change, so I created the strategy work with some some really good advertisers. Getting this information, let’s figure out.

What can I do to help my own sales, and I call this the sweep um up with my own retargeting retargeting, that I know it works so for my own e-commerce site, I Drive paid traffic to it like everyone, who’s selling on their web site. Does then, I also retarget those people back to my own website, like everyone else should be doing, and then, after a certain pod of time, I, like seven to ten days, I’m gon na retarget those people again if they haven’t bought on my website. Chances are they’re not going to this time. I don’t know venomous who was doing this. I retarget them back to Amazon, because I know 3/4 of people would rather buy an Amazon.

Let’S give them that chance and then, finally, afterwards about two to three weeks if they haven’t bought yet then I turn it off and when it comes damn azan, we don’t really know if they bought there, so I likely turn those off anyway after a month. I want to make sure I’m not retarding people if they ended up buying. If you want to know the details of how I set up my campaign, this is what I did right there. I actually uh. I tried going for the lowest cost per click and I was able to get thirty three cents per click for very targeted Facebook advertising for all the people.

Just retargeting people back to my Amazon listing who had visited my products on my website had not bought, and I definitely noticed an increase in sales on my Amazon site. As I was running these, this is something you can do if you have our own e-commerce site now. I know if you heard this, I threw this in this morning. I was up early and if you heard that Shopify news, I just want to pull this out. Shopify introduced their own fulfillment network, huge news, their stock is jumping skyrocketing high.

This means that at some point in time we may have another fulfillment service other than Amazon we can use, and this is just incredible news. I just want make sure you guys are aware of this. Keeping in mind, I would say, probably sometime next year is really when it’s going to be in full force all right now. Everything else that I’m gon na talk about requires one thing, and that is brand registry, so hopefully a lot of people here are in brand registry. If not, then you can go out there and start thinking about that right now, because there are a ton of benefits that you get brand registry you can.

It gives you more control over your listings of your products. It also helps protect you from counterfeiters and people trying to destroy your brand image, and they give you some behind the scenes. Monitoring that you may not even know it’s happening, keeping counterfeiters off of your off your listings and such and they give you something called brand analytics now. I believe someone here at Selleck on is gon na, be going doing a deep dive into brand analytics. I’M gon na show you what I use for them, because I think it’s a really powerful easy strategy you can use.

So I want to cover everything, but I am gon na cover what I can so first, if you have brand registry, you can add videos to your listings and they’ve just done. This recently made a lot easier people who watch a video on your listing are three point six times more likely to buy. That is almost a 400 % increase in conversions. For those people who add list add videos to those things. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, either.

Here’S a product right here, just a stud finder and these videos go right there at the very bottom of your images, they’re very simple – to make they’re usually about a minute or two. If you want to create these, don’t do anything crazy. What I like to do is keep them short. Have a catch catchy, animated opening have a little bit of sound in there and keep in mind that it’s an instructional video you’re, not selling something, but in behind the scenes, you really are. You just want to go out there and talk about sales.

Show them unbox. Your products from how they use your product show them how responsive as a manufacturer are, because you are the manufacturer when you’re doing this you’re, not the Celer, fine distinction, but it’s something to keep in mind. Also, you can’t talk about prices or sales because again you are the manufacturer, but you can’t talk about a warranty if you are a manufacturer, that’s a great way to put a video up there. Also, if you’re a member of Amazon brand registry, there’s project zero, I’m a member of this now it is awesome. It helps take people off your listing almost immediately when they we have a counterfeiter on there.

If you want to join the wait list, simply go to project zero and join the wait list. It took me about 30 days to get approved to it once you’re approved, for that you get access to this tool. Incredibly powerful, also dangerous! You don’t want to be use this tool. It will take a seller off your listing immediately.

That amazon keeps track of this. If you just don’t like a seller on there, if you think that they’re selling counterfeit but they’re, not if they’re, really selling your products, they got on a discount, there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t want to take them off. You want to focus on people that are selling counterfeit use this. It will take them down the next step after that is actually transparency.

This is the next level that, instead of being able to remove people immediately, this will keep them from getting on there completely and what this program does for you is it allow you to put on a trackable barcode, every single one of your products, so when they Get to Amazon if it doesn’t have a barcode that you helped create through the transparency program. It will not go inside of Amazon and customers can actually go and scan that when they get a product and know that it’s your product, those are all great protections. The videos are great: you’ll increase conversions project, zero that transparency, great things that you want to get at some point when you are brand registered. But what I love are the brand name analytics tools, you’ll get, and I can go through this pretty quickly here. There’S Amazon search terms which allow you to go through and see all the searches out there that people are looking all over Amazon every day.

There’S also item comparison, we’re gon na know whether products people are buying. This will tell you and there’s demographics, which is for your entire brand, which is pretty crazy. Look at this demographic chart right here, there’s five of them. There’S the age income, marital status, education level, it’s kind of crazy to give this kind of information. You will get this for your products when you join here.

We, when you’re able to sign for brand registry and what I like to do, is go right into Facebook and imagine what they have. Those exact same demographic settings inside your ads. If you know that you’re primarily selling to men between 40 and 55 years old and making a certain income level education level, you can target those exact same people now. Demographics are great. It’S awesome used for targeting, but really want to focus in the search terms.

Look at this report right here, if you have not seen this, this is the best thing that Amazon’s come out with in years. This is a search term report showing every single search performed on Amazon from the top one to the bottom million searched you go out there, you can actually uh there’s over 1.2 million in this search right here. You also can sort them any way that you want to. You can do a search by search term like Bluetooth, speaker or you can search by Asin.

If you know your competitor, there, ASN put it in here. It’S gon na show you every single search term that they showed up for as long as than the top million, and it’s gon na tell you all kinds of data about that. In addition, for every search term, it’s gon na show you who was the number one product clicked on and then bought number two number three and so forth: unbeliev the credible information. Now, of course again, what do you do with this? I kind of like that’s how you know it’s great Mike.

That’S huge a lot of formation. We need to plan for this. Here’S the plan, how to take this, a really dead, simple strategy. First thing you want to do: is you want to go out there and use your top seller in your niche, whatever it is, find the top seller put them into the brand registry abandoned analytics and then pull up every keyword that they actually show up for? Here’S.

One where they show up for a two hundred fifty eight key terms, our search terms for a Bluetooth speaker. Then you want to take those and you want to use those keywords and make sure that your listing is completely optimized. Your title, your bullets, your search terms of descriptions, not the keywords, you think work, the ones that actually work make sure you’re optimized. For that, then you want to create a manual sponsored ads campaign. Put all those keywords in there.

I also use Amazon suggested bid, easy way to start out then follow up with that use. All those keywords put them into a negative search campaign, your automatic campaign and make sure they’re your negative phrasing. Those out because you don’t want to pay for those in two different campaigns – put them into a manual campaign, have an automatic campaign that you include them. As a negative search term so that you’re ignoring those in your automatic campaign, then you want to go head, monitors and optimize every one to two weeks, and then you should see sales like this. This is one just running for looks to be about a week.

For me here getting a great a cost because of this and then part two just repeat this process for other products as well, when you do that, also be sure to look at other ASI ends that are showing it for search terms and don’t ignore them, because You can also repeat this process for other products, the number two product and number three product. Now you know there are so many endless possibilities with this business, so many of them that really. That means that, if there’s that many possibilities, there is no one single formula. That’S gon na be a surefire, so sex for everyone. There’S a thousand things you can do.

You know I’ve tried a lot of things. This business like that duck right there that didn’t work. But if I wouldn’t be experimenting all the time, then I wouldn’t have to find the things and share that actually get me out of the water and make me successful, and I know that there are a lot of people right now that are in this room. That are either successful or going to be successful very very soon and for those people who are are going to be successful in that should be pretty much everyone. I want you to keep trying never ever stop experimenting.

I love this picture. This girl right there, because all it takes, is one success out of a hundred to set you apart from everyone, and when that happens, when you find that one success, I also want to ask you: do one thing share that with someone it doesn’t have to be A room full of 2,000 people does that be a room full of hundred people. You should be one person if you find something that works for you share with one person. I guarantee you. It’S happened in my life.

It’Ll happen in your life. You will get that success back 100 times over. Alright, I’m Mike McCleary. Thank you very much. So there you have it my top ten ways for getting more traffic and rankings audio products on Amazon.

If you want to hear more like this and be sure to like or subscribe to our YouTube channel below, and if you want to learn how to build your own brand and business on Amazon and be sure to click the link in the description below and check Out our completely free video training series, that’ll show you all the steps you need. Take care and I’ll see you soon.


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