Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Training Video #7: Online Email Marketing To Increase Traffic

Training Video #7: Online Email Marketing To Increase Traffic

Hello, John Barry here welcome back to our training series on . This video is about . Now some people, you might think, of a spam and in many cases it is, but we do not want to spam anybody. Absolutely not so. Here’S how you do without spamming, you have to have an opt-in box, and this is what it looks like.

So, let’s go to my site here. Well, flash dynamo, calm and here is the opt-in box for a free newsletter. So all somebody has to do is put their name in here and their address and they click on free sign up and they will get a newsletter and the inbox every few days or so and it’ll just keep going and it’ll be done automatically. Now, where do you get these scripts? Well, you can rate them yourself, that’s kind of difficult to do, especially if you don’t know a lot of what internet marketing you can also pay for email scripts.

The third way – and the easiest way is to join this group, my affiliate power site – it’s called you can do it by clicking on this banner or you can come down here and click on this banner or this link, and you will get a free made For you and that will come with this, this opt-in, box and it’ll come with the autoresponder and it’ll have the email scripts already in it all done for you, you don’t have to do any ground work. All you need to do is market that . So that’s the best and the easiest way to do this, especially if you’re starting out okay, let’s wrap up this video on email marketing know why have an email newsletter? Well, here’s the reason there’s something in business known as the seven rule, and what that means is that people typically won’t buy something the first time they need to see it seven times and then after they see the seventh time, though bill more they’ll be more likely To buy it, that’s my vertising works. You see advertised implements on billboards, for instance.

Well, every time you drive to work in the morning, you see it. What’S the next da see it twice on the seventh time you buy it: okay, not necessarily but you’re more likely to now. The thing is when somebody drops into your website and has look around chances, are they’re, probably just going to leave without buying anything, but if they sign up for our newsletter and em, then we can send them an email with our autoresponder every several days. You know maybe 3-4 days spaced apart and we’ll reconnect with that client and then eventually they’re much more likely to be interested in, buy something and that’s why we do it. Okay, the other thing is that you can want somebody buy something from you.

You can send them other offers via the autoresponder, that’s called back-end selling and that’s a very effective method as well. Okay, so that’s it for this video we’ll see you on the next video okay to claim all 20 of your free videos for internet marketing training. Just come here to my website: wealth, dynamo, calm and I’ll just scroll down here on each side. There’S a redbox one here and there’s one over here and you just click on the link there and that’ll bring you to the signup page, which looks like this and then it’s very simple. You just come down here.

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