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Hey what’s up, this is ron palmer. Welcome to my ultimate traffic boost review. This is a new product which basically gives you everything you need to get started, generating an income online actually so good. I grabbed a copy for myself and basically, what you’re going to get is a set of done-for-you squeeze pages where you can test and actually see the conversions which are converting best. But the other thing is that you’re getting done for you traffic within the system done for you traffic, so you don’t have to go out and search for that traffic and that’s actually pretty good.

I haven’t seen seen something like this before and i’m gonna be showing you exactly what this is about. Okay, so stick with me just a little bit more gonna be talking about the bonuses, the page and the actual product, which is, in my opinion, one of the best products so far this year. So let’s talk about the bonuses. So if you check the link below okay or if you are on my bonus page, you just have to scroll down there’s going to be a video here when you watch this. But if you’re watching this on youtube, you want to click the link below in the description, and you probably want to grab this before this timer hits hero.

Now i have some pretty pretty exclusive bonuses and i’ve been spending a lot of time, creating these bonuses and i actually twisted the arm of the creators we’re talking about richard and paul, which are the creators of this product. They create really great software, and this first bonus is, is so exclusive, literally okay, and you really want to pay attention to this you’re going to get access to marketers boost okay. This is a software that was selling for 497. Now it’s selling currently for 297 and i literally twisted their arms – and i said: hey – is there actually something exclusive that i can offer to my loyal subscribers? So this is something that you’re only gonna get through me now.

The reason for this is because, when you grab this you’re going to receive a very specific coupon code and which means that, if you decide to pick up this up through anyone else, you’re not going to get that coupon code you’re not going to get this software. Okay, this is a full-fledged software, but it’s only going to be available during the first 12 hours, which means that once you grab this, what you have to do is you have to bookmark that page, because after the 12 hours, i’m gonna be taking down this Specific bonus, page okay and you’re, not gonna, be able to access it. Okay, so please wan na you want to have that in mind. Um. You have to bookmark that page to access this software.

Now, before i head over to the second bonus, which is very, very exclusive, i just wanted to show you a little bit about this marketer boost software, as you can see here, this is basically a software. Sorry, a software that multiplies your commissions and maximize your traffic. Using a secret code, which you basically paste inside your pages, okay – and it looks like this – okay and it’s currently selling for 297 – and it increases your sales, pretty cool, stuff, okay, so this is not reseller rights; okay, this actual access to this product. Okay, now, after that, you’re gonna get this bonus, which is access to nova plus now. This is a a limited edition.

Okay, because i have added three more campaigns to the already existing 25 done for you, affiliate campaigns which includes hosting and the bonuses included. Okay, so i’ve added this – and this is also only going to be available during the first 12 hours. The bonus number three is access to nova instagram and the twitter traffic software. Okay – and i’m talking about the pro version which lets you allows you to follow: an unlimited people on instagram and twitter for traffic, plus i’m gonna give you access to my personal link, shortener. That gives you stats.

You can track everything within my server. Okay also once again only available during the first 12 hours, and then this bonus you’re going to be able to unlock unlimited traffic and place your pixel code on my sales pages, as well only for the 12 first hours, and then this one here is also going To be available during the first 12 hours, my copy and paste high ticket funnel, which includes video series and email template that you can use to generate high ticket conversions, we’re talking about six hundred dollar thousand dollar type of commissions, okay and then you’re gonna get Also my youtube traffic finder software and training and all the special bonuses and the vendor bonuses. Now i’m going to give you a quick overview here, so you basically get these two or these bonuses here and then you are also going to get i’m going to show you here. These bonuses you’re going to get 500 visitors added to your account, which is part of the of the traffic okay for this product. You don’t have to go out and find it you’re also gonna get this bonus here, which is about writing powerful emails.

make emails work, social media , making lead magnets work, email for you, making the most commissions, okay, automation, secrets, really good stuff here: instagram uncovered making solo ads work inside email secrets and all of that stuff. Okay, that’s what you get inside now that being said, if we talk about the sales page, i’m gonna be showing you here. It says already delivered over 440 and counting real buyer traffic. So what you’re going to be giving away is actually traffic to people? Okay, you’re going to be giving away real buyer traffic, so it’s basically a smart app that automatic automatically builds a list for you by using real buyer traffic.

So you win your customers, wins and basically you’re giving away this as a lead magnet. So, in my opinion, is one of the best products that i’ve seen this year because you, basically you just need to send a trickle of traffic to these campaigns and the traffic is actually something included in the product. Okay, so there’s not much. You have to do and you can see more about the results you can see their sales page in your own time. Basically, okay, so there’s richard and paul.

Now, let’s talk about the software, so once you land here inside here, you want to watch this video first, but there’s basically three steps here. The step number one you’re gonna, be choosing your referral landing page from the options available inside you’re gonna, be showing you that, and once you select that you go back here to the to the dashboard. You copy your referral link, which is going to be here and then you can basically use those pastels wherever you want. Okay, the step number two you’re going to be enabling the cache accelerator accelerator, which is going to be one of these packages here. Okay, so you can scroll down here and see those packages and the step number three is going to be once you purchase.

You want to check your email inbox for your pin code, which is going to allow you to unlock this okay. So basically, the first thing that you have to do is to choose a page here: okay, now you’re going to be able to see the amount of visitors visitors that you got here, but this amount here is going to be. If you want to grab anything else here, you can do that, but inside the front end product you’re going to get these visitors included. Okay, so first of all you have to choose a page. So that’s the first step.

You choose a page, and the cool thing is that you can see the conversions here for each one of these squeeze pages, and this is you know, from their tests real tests, and some of them are not converting as well. So you probably want to pick those that are converting well, so you can check, for example, this one here, i’m going to check if there’s another one yeah, it seems that those are the best converting ones. So what you do is you? First of all, you choose one of these okay and once you’ve done that you’re gonna be able to see this squeeze page. This is what you want to share with people.

So let’s say someone is lands on this squeeze page, okay and then what you do is you insert your email? Basically, what happens here is that they’re gonna be forwarded with this system that i showed you earlier, there’s actually something i forgot to do here. I’M gonna go back here. Okay, i’m gonna copy any of these links here, i’m gonna open it and okay, i’m gonna paste that here, actually that was the preview okay. So this is the actual link.

Okay – and here you insert your email basically what’s going to happen here – is that people are going to receive their offer. Okay and what you can do here. If we click on edit here, what you can do is you can choose another another squeeze page and you can test those two against each other to see which one is performing the best okay. So that’s the basic idea here now: if we head over to add campaign here, you can grab those urls that you get inside the system. Let’S say this is the url number one, and this is the url number two.

You name this robin test. Then you can select the date here. Let’S say today is february 26th. I wanted to start today and i wanted to end in around a week to fully test it. Okay and i can set the amount of visits here to let’s say thousand visitors.

I click on create okay, so right now i have 25 Okay, so basically here you can see your your campaign, so you basically send traffic to this, and the system is gonna, evaluate and see, tell you which one of these are converting the best but you’re already picking from their tested, already tested and converting squeeze pages. So when someone lands inside the system, they’re gonna get free traffic – okay, but they’re gonna get the option of upgrading two more offers. I’M going to be showing you that here i’m going to go back to the dashboard and the cool thing is that if someone decides to operate here either for the five thousand two thousand five hundred or any of these upgrades, you are gonna earn. Fifty percent. Okay and the creators are gonna earn fifty percent okay, so it’s basically um a done-for-you system that is gonna keep growing your commissions and visitors, pretty cool stuff.

Actually, so, let’s say, let’s see what else we have here now. You can also integrate this with get response and active campaign if you want to send leads okay. Now, if you use active campaign, i have a set of done for you, um emails and everything that you can just import with one click and you’re gonna get that inside my bonuses as well, and if you don’t have an autoresponder, you can just click here. Connect storage and basically all the leads, are gonna be stored inside or within the system, and that you can use those later on. If you don’t have an autoresponder and then you just click on save the other cool thing is that i have extra training here, which is pretty cool.

So it’s not just a software. It’S just not about the referral system. The income system we’re talking about the email, affiliate . They have start with traffic generation, do email, , there’s tons of really high quality content here, and then they have some which are both paid and free that you can use here to get the best out of this. So really, in my opinion, really really good okay.

So if we go back and talk about the prices, the front-end product is going to be 27 to 37. Okay, now everything that i just showed you is included in the front-end product. Now you want to have in mind that if you just decide to pick up the front-end product you’re going to get all of these exclusive bonuses, most of them are going to be available only during the first 12 hours. So you want to have that in mind. Okay, so you, when you grab this, you want to bookmark this page.

Okay, the upgrade number one is the cash accelerator for 97. There’S gonna be a downsell, so you’ll probably want to grab that at the downsale price, and this is gonna enable you to unlock six modules of ultimate traffic boost at once. We’Re talking about cash boost bonus, boost lead, boost traffic package, which are one for two thousand five hundred five thousand and ten thousand visitors. So, in my opinion, i really recommend you get the upgrade number one at least okay, because it’s gonna allow you to get so much more out of this now the upgrade number two is gonna, be the high ticket boost for ninety seven dollars, they’re also gonna be a downsell for this, and this is going to allow you to unlock commissions for products that sells for a thousand dollars, or i mean you get the commissions for a thousand dollars a pop, really really good. If you want to do that, it’s an option as well.

The upgrade number three is the infinite income for 247. Okay, and this is the amazing system behind all the powers behind the ultimate traffic boost. So, basically, by unlocking this massive upgrade you’re not only going to get the ultimate traffic boost, firing at its full capacity capacity or capability you’re, also going to get access to the traffic toolbox. Okay, so this is huge guys, okay, so that’s basically what i can say about this product really good. In my opinion, you can see a demo here exactly with how it works on my bonus page in the description or, if you are on my bonus page, you just have to scroll down the page and you’re going to be able to see this demo.

Video. Don’T forget: these are only going to be available during the first 12 hours book market book market, the the bonus page, because after that i’m gonna be taking that down. Okay, so yeah, that’s basically it that’s what i can say about this product. This was my ultimate traffic boost review and i guess i talked to you: take care


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