Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Unbounce Smart Traffic | Use AI-Powered Optimization to Increase Your Conversions

Unbounce Smart Traffic | Use AI-Powered Optimization to Increase Your Conversions

Okay, so let’s say you get something you want to sell, so you create a landing page with and start sending through ads and emails. But not all of your visitors are the same. They come from different places.

They use all sorts of devices they ‘ Ve got different tastes when you optimize your landing page for just one type of visitor. You’re, not so optimized for everyone else. They bounce and you miss out on those conversions that’s.

Why created , the -powered, optimization tool that automatically sends your visitors to the landing page where they’re most likely to convert , gets to know your visitors attributes their device browser, os location and time zone, then routes them to the Page variant where people like them have converted in the past, plus it’s, easy to get started in , create a variant of your landing page, make whatever changes.

You want. Spice up the headline swap out your hero shop, will figure out what works best for each visitor, so go ahead. Get creative when you’re finished, mixing things up just turn on in the unbounce builder.

Smart traffic starts optimizing after as few as 50 visits, and it keeps learning as it gets new data. That means you can see great results fast, even with low traffic volume, no more sending visitors to a page that isn’t right for them with smart traffic.

You can deliver an optimized experience every time, so you’re, not leaving any conversions on the table. Smart traffic, powered, optimization, baked right in turn on smart traffic and start converting more visitors.


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