Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Understand which Google searches are driving traffic to your site

Understand which Google searches are driving traffic to your site

Hey, my name is Alexei, and I work on the Search Quality team. If your site is verified in webmaster , the Search gives you a great opportunity to find data Actionable around your site. Let’s start by explaining some of the The terminology you’ll find there. Impressions are the number of times pages from your site are viewed Actually on the search results page. Clicks is the number of times that page was clicked In the search results. Click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of times your site is viewed And clicking on it to request a specific search.

Try comparing the number of clicks on your site. If your site is shown 10 times for a search query, But only clicked once, it might indicate that Your site does not look very interesting In the search results. And it is time to make amendments to the titles or the content. It is also a good idea to review the list of queries. And what users are looking for when they visit Your site? And to what extent the content is provided to them on the site The information they seek? Also check if there is a winding, and find a source That content. Keep in mind that this information is based on historical data. And that the appearance of updates in the content It might take some time.

For more information and ideas on understand the data And manage it in the webmaster account, see Help center resources are here. Thanks so much for watching.

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