Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Viral Marketing: 7 Tips For Running An Online Contest To Increase Website Traffic

Viral Marketing: 7 Tips For Running An Online Contest To Increase Website Traffic

It’s. Bill Macintosh, i’m here at home, and i want to take a couple minutes to show you how to drive some free traffic to your website. Very recently, i ran a viral campaign and it drove over 40,000 unique visitors to my website.

So i want to show you exactly how i did that and give you a quick little tutorial. So let’s. Go this tutorial. I’m. Going to share my screen with you here and just go over a couple, quick things on how i used viral marketing contests to drive an absolute flood of traffic to my website, and I have a very special download for you that’s, absolutely free! It’s, a tool you can download and run your own contest, and I’ll.

Tell you all about it at the end of the video, so stay tuned till the end to get your free download. Now. The first thing I want to tell you is that I ran two of these contests here recently and generated a absolute flood of traffic.

Now I’ll share with you, some of the statistics here you can see here’s, one of the sites that I ran this on and during this period here is when i ran the contest and right there that’S that’s, a lot of extra visitors that i got compared to what what I had before.

And if I remember right, that’s about twenty thousand extra visitors. That I got just as a result of running of the viral contest and nothing else. So the other thing here here’s. The contest that Iran, I used video here to promote and explain how the contest works and here’s.

The page where I gave out the contest links and i’m, going to show you exactly how to run the contest. Just like this now, the other benefits i got were inbound links pointing to my website. You can see here, i plugged in something to find the links from one of my contest links and i had two links on this particular contest, and this one has over 2300 mentions online.

These are all pointing to my website and here’s. Another one of the links almost a thousand links there so for this one contest that generated over 3,000 inbound links and mentions online, which will continue to drive traffic to me for a long time to come.

The second one I did is here at contest burner itself at contest burner calm, and you can see here. These are the leaders. This contest right here is over. I’m, launching a brand new contest actually tomorrow, where you can win even more prizes.

So you can check that out if you want to, but this last contest Iran you can see down here. We had almost 400 participants in that contest. They sent out thousands of tweets out on Twitter, they posted on facebook.

They created videos. For me, they’ve created websites. For me, they went absolutely crazy. Promoting this website now this website, didn’t exist. Two weeks ago, I launched it two weeks ago. It’s almost exactly, and you’ll, see here online.

Just from the contest. All I did was promote the contest and nothing else. We have over 2,400 mentions of the contest burner brand online. That did not exist two weeks ago. Also, yahoo is showing policy here: entire site yahoo is showing 351 again.

This site did not exist two weeks ago, these were all built within two weeks and they ‘ Ll continue to grow, and i ‘ Ll continue to get traffic. Just from promoting that one viral contest, so i have seven tips to share with you on how to make sure your contest goes off with a bang and you get lots of traffic so tip number one is how do you set it up? Well, you create a contest.

This is going to become a viral contest because you award points or tickets for a random drawing for your customers or your users on your website for the letting them send tweets on Twitter for posting to Facebook.

They’re. Putting links out there anywhere and commenting on your blog that’s. How this thing is going to go viral and bring the traffic to you, so your own customers are going to spread word of mouth and go tell everyone.

They know about your website. In exchange for getting entries into this contest – and you can see how i did on – inner circle or contests burner calm, for example – i’ll – do more training on it later.

If you decide to use the contest burner plugin to do one of your contest and again you can get that for free tip. Number two is the kinds of prizes you give out and that’s, a question I get. What kinds of prizes did you give out for your contest to me? The short answer is you can give out anything anything your customers or users value you can give out free services, free products, gift cards, cash or all the above? It really comes down to what your budget is, but it’s more about what your users and your customers perceive.

The value of contest prizes tip number three, even a local if you have a online store, but you also have a physical in a local area, even a local , a hairdresser on a pet store, a restaurant.

Any of these things can benefit from a contest I’ll. Tell you: why go stick a newsletter signup form on your website. Right now start a contest hand out cards in your physical business, promoting your contest and you make them go online and fill out your opt-in form boom.

You’ve now got a newsletter email list of all your local customers, and I am Telling You that is gold. That is priceless. You can really expand your business if you have a newsletter of your local customers.

Okay tip number four: the biggest key here is promotion. You must kick your contest off with a bang use your personal contacts, use video promotion on , use, free press releases, use your newsletter list, use your customer lists and promote it everywhere on your site and in your business, you ‘

Ve got to kick this off with a bang, using your existing lines that you have with customers and users to make it go viral, so you can’t just throw it out there and hope people stumble upon it. You got to push it hard and you got to push it hard a few times through the contest cycle.

So if your contest is two weeks long, which I recommend doing a minimum of two weeks on a contest promote it out of the gate and also one weekend, you could put actually wrote a two or three times. If you’re running, a month-long contest, promote it every week four times and that will guarantee your contest goes viral because, as your customers promote your business, more people just keep coming in and participate next thing tip number five joint venture for your prizes.

Find a complementary business to yours and do a joint contest. You can run the first contents, don’t. Let them donate the prizes, the second contest they can run it and you donate the prizes. You get double the exposure and double the prizes.

You can leverage your list and somebody else’s list to cross-promote your businesses and get a lot of new customers in the process, or you can also just let them give you the prizes in exchange for some promotion.

But you run the contest now tip number six use your suppliers and your distributors. If you have suppliers and distributors for your business, go get them to donate prizes for you, because them helping you with your contest is going to expand your sales of their products at the very least, see if you can get them to give you a discount or Some other kind of assistance with promotion – you’d – be surprised what you can get out of them now.

The final tip tip number seven is to use the free contest burner wordpress plugin. Now i recommend everybody set up their site on WordPress and I built this plugin to run my own contest. I’ve got a free version.

You can download right now. I also offer a bunch of training on how to drive traffic with a wordpress based site. I even do a weekly live. Show teaching you how to do this so go right now, go to contest burner calm and you can see the website right here on the screen and download the plugin.

It makes it a snap you upload it set up your contest and boom. You ‘ Ve got your own viral contest in no time now I’ll. Also do additional training once you download the plug-in I’ll. Show you exactly how it works, how to upload it, how to setup your contest and how to get it going so check it out.

I’ll, see you over at contest, burger calm, and but when you get over there, there’ll, be a contest. You can win some prizes thanks a lot. This is Bill Macintosh and I ‘ Ll. See you next time. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot to tell you if you’re, a contestant and one of our current contest burner contests interacting with this video like favoriting, it commenting on it rating it or subscribing to my channel.

We’ll. All win you chances at prizes in our current contest, so go ahead.

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