Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic Zero Backlinks Case Study: 0 to 467,997 Traffic in the CBD Niche

Zero Backlinks Case Study: 0 to 467,997 Traffic in the CBD Niche

I’M about to show you how i took a website from zero to nearly 500 000 visitors per month in one of the most difficult niches of all the cbd niche and best of all, i did it with absolutely zero link. Building we’ve been working on this project for about five months and it’s quickly grown to making over six figures per month and we’ve thrown a bunch of unorthodox tactics at the site which i’m gon na go over in detail in this video, so buckle up and make Sure to stick around until the end, because i’m actually gon na be doing a big reveal about the site itself. The first thing we did was a hardcore speed. Optimization. We brought out all the big guns in this department.

We coded the theme from scratch using html. We also shrunk all the images down to thumbnail size in order to reduce load time. Lastly, we put on a dedicated server that was hosted literally across the street from . After all this effort, we managed to get load time down to 0.01 seconds on pingdom.

Next, we created a content plan and for this we use ahrefs keyword explorer. We searched cbd on phrase match sorted by increasing keyword, difficulty and then just started. Writing the content pieces one by one. In all, we wrote 14 984 pieces of content. Next, we established eat also known as expertise, authoritativeness and trust, and for this i had a secret weapon.

You see back in high school. I knew this kid named bobby bernquest, who is by far the biggest pothead in the school rumor, had it that he was smoking. Four joints a day and that was before school, even started. What well the thing about bobby? Is you see he never stopped so now he’s the master of everything related to weed.

So we got bobby to write all these articles and he just killed it. We bought him a qp and then he just started zoning out and just went right after it. But after a month or so we realized we weren’t getting any at all. So we had to do something about that, which is when we started sending tons of tool-generated bot to the website. We were first kind of worried about this and whether or not would think it was real and after analyzing the log files it seems like it was indeed diverse, coming from three ips in somalia, perfect.

But at this point we still weren’t ranking. So it was time to audit that content. It turns out bobby, can’t write for he never included any keywords in the content we started keyword stuffing our website is white, so we wrote all our keywords in white text and spam them at the bottom of every post. Can you say optimized, as i mentioned in the beginning of the video, we wanted to pull this whole thing off without building backlinks, but i saw on reddit that a high dr was great for ranking, so we decided to get a fiverr gig to boost our dr. Doesn’T count as link building does it we found a five dollar fiverr gig and gave it a whirl and, as a result, our dr shot up from one to nine in less than a week.

We were so pleased with this result. We started using fiverr for everything related. Finding good gigs is super easy. We search for in the search bar and started working our way down from the top, because the ones at the top are always the best, and i know this because i do once the site was rocking and rolling. It was time to start outsourcing the whole management of it, and for this i turned into my trusty old inbox.

I found this awesome email from an seo agency. Pitching me on their services. They seemed legit, so we went with them. But, to be honest, i’m not really sure what they’ve been doing and they haven’t really answered any emails since we started paying them, but i did see our dr move from 9 to ten, so we good the next game. Changer tactic we use is some seriously outside the box.

We started posting our new content on auspicious days. According to the zodiac, we consulted astrological charts, making sure to only post when venus was aligned with the rising moon of sagittarius. This zodiac strategy is out of this world, so that brings us caught up to today with nearly 500 000 visitors per month, and we do have a few more strategies that we want to try out. For example, i’m sorry, i’m gon na break my promise and i’m going to start building some leaks. We want to try out this whole dear sir outreach link building campaign strategy that i’ve been hearing so much about now.

Remember back to the beginning of the video. When i told you there would be a big reveal well, i hope you got it already, but . We actually sourced all these ridiculous ideas from this post in the affiliate seo mastermind. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as i enjoyed making it remember to keep things light, enjoy what you do and always have fun and remember to subscribe for some actual seo tactics.

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